US military launches LED lamp hydroponic vegetable plan

In order to improve the diet of the submarine force, the US military has launched a LED light hydroponic vegetable plan to try to produce fresh fruits and vegetables in a no-day environment.

Hörmann, a technical staff member of the US Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, is responsible for hosting the $100,000 LED light hydroponic vegetable program. In a simulated deep-sea environment, he used red and blue LED lights to illuminate 83 fruits and vegetables grown in nutrient solution and observe growth.


The results showed that leafy vegetables and onions grew most lush, and the growth of roots and stems was also good. The yield of strawberry was very small. The leaves of the melons would block the light. The tomato could not bear the fruit because the temperature was too low and the light was not bright enough. .

Hörmann said that in the future, the submarine is expected to load crops that have been planted for a while and go out to sea. However, the submarine's narrow size, 122-meter-long fast-attack submarine, usually carrying 130 troops, the space problem will be the next difficult point to overcome.

Source: China Semiconductor Lighting Network Editor: Deng Dawen

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