High-priced but low monthly sales of 3 million units - OPPO R9S experience

See the news this morning, OPPO R9S monthly sales have been 3 million, and Zhang Aunt on the OPPO mobile phone to see the sun single sharing, showing that the OPPO mobile phone users and Zhang Aunt's user overlap rate is not high, but on the street OPPO mobile phone shop everywhere, many people around us, taking advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to get a relative of OPPO R9S, to share aunt Zhang Aunt.

OPPO R9s Plus 6GB+64GB Memory Version Full Netcom 4G Mobile Phone Dual SIM Dual Standby Gold 3499 Yuan Jingdong Direct Link

Out of the box to skip it ~

â–² At the top of the screen, the left and right sides of the earpiece are front lenses and sensors, which are not symmetrical.

â–² The front of the fuselage is equipped with a 5.5-inch 1080P screen, the color display effect is good, the touch recognition is also sensitive, the screen glass is Corning Gorilla 5 generations.

â–² The oval home button below uses a solid press design similar to the iPhone 7. After fingerprints are set, they are unlocked and ultrafast, and a completely new hydrophobic membrane technology is used. The perspiration and grease on the hands will not easily remain in the fingerprint recognition area, making the recognition success rate higher. The home button retains the menu and returned touch buttons on both sides. Although convenient for daily operations, it is really particularly easy to touch.

â–² Ultra-fast fingerprint recognition

â–² The power button and dual Nano SIM card slot are on the right side of the body.

â–² The volume key is on the left side of the body.

â–² The bottom of the Micro USB interface, but also retained the 3.5mm headphone jack (this is a common thing, but with the iPhone 7 is not to say about it). OPPO R9s speakers use Real sound technology, sound quality experience can be.

▲Back: The R9s uses a new design and creatively uses a new “microstrip antenna” design to divide the original 1.5mm-2mm antenna into three antennas with a width of only 0.3mm, reducing the back of the antenna. The lack of beauty brought about by leucorrhea. It is okay to use the 4G signal and the WiFi signal.

â–² 16 million pixel camera slightly raised, using OPPO and Sony jointly developed 16 million pixel IMX398 sensor, imaging is more clear, more delicate and bright picture quality. The sapphire glass covers the lens and the flash is to the right of the camera.

â–² Power Adapter: "Recharging 5 minutes, talking for 2 hours" is a ridiculous advertisement, but it also proves that this sentence really goes deep into people's minds. R9s uses OPPO's own VOOC flash charging technology with a 5V4A. Power Adapter.

Oppo R9s equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, 4GB large running memory (RAM) +64GB large storage space, this price and processor, is a typical high-priced low, which is why Zhang Aunt rarely OPPO R9S Sun single. An Bunny ran points and scored 65525 points. Master Lu scored 92540.

Camera: Open the camera, the default is the normal camera mode, the general camera mode has "time-lapse photography" "video" "photos" "beauty" "panoramic" five options, and the general mobile phone is no big difference. Video mode provides "720P" "1080P" "4K" selection.

In addition to the ordinary camera mode, there are five modes: "Super-Quality", "Chong Cai Filter", "GIF Animation", "Double Exposure" and "Professional Mode".

Ultra-clear picture quality: Contrast the super-clear picture quality with the ordinary picture taken at the same position. The picture size and size of ultra-clear picture quality should be larger. Details of the ultra-clear picture quality mode can also be seen. Show better.

绚 color filter: provide "filter" and "watermark", P map is more convenient, of course, there is no more professional P map software.

Animated GIF: The current iPhone 6 camera can't shoot gifs, so every time you need to take a gif, you need to open the GIF app. The camera comes with a lot of convenience.

Professional mode: You can set the white balance, exposure compensation, sensitivity, shutter speed, and focal length.

Then take a look at the photos taken

This test starts charging from 2% and lights up every 5 minutes to check the battery level. It can be seen that the basic 5 minutes of the previous period can rise by 10% of electricity, and the latter stage tends to be flat. Basically full after 70 minutes. The result of the charge test is still very good.

The OPPO R9s is equipped with a ColorOS 3.0 system and was developed based on Android 6.0.1. The system used to feel general, there was no immediate happiness, and there wasn’t a lot of people who spoke.

What is good is the "application avatar" function, which is very practical. But at present, only WeChat and QQ support avatars, and the mobile phone is dual-card dual standby, two cards can handle two WeChat, so support for WeChat avatar is a must, on this basis if there can be more application support just fine.

1, advantages: VOOC flash charge; fingerprint identification accuracy, speed; good camera

2. Disadvantages: The setting of the return key is unreasonable; the configuration performance is general.

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