Xilinx Programmable Logic Device Design and Development (Basic) Serial 39: Spartan

10.4 Applying PlanAhead for I/O Planning

First, establish an I / O pin planning project

Here's a simple example of how to create a PlanAhead project for I/O planning.
1. Click [Create a New Project] in the start interface of PlanAhead, and click the [Next] button in the pop-up window. The new project window shown in Figure 10-38 appears. Enter the project name and path in this window.
2. Click [Next], the window shown in Figure 10-39 appears, select the new project type, and select [Do not import sources at this TIme].

New project settings window

Figure 10-38 New Project Settings Window

New item type selection window

Figure 10-39 New item type selection window

3. Click the [Next] button to bring up the dialog shown in Figure 10-40, using the default values.

Designated device

Figure 10-40 Specifying the device

4. Click [Next] to open the new project summary dialog box shown in Figure 10-41, and click the [Finish] button to complete the creation of the new project. The default I/O planning window is shown in Figure 10-42.

Summary of new projects

Figure 10-41 Summary of the new project

I/O planning window

Figure 10-42 I/O Planning Window

Second, check the device's I / O resources

1. Cross positioning function.

Select an I/O Bank in the [Package Pins] window of Figure 10-43 or select an I/O Pin. The tool will locate the selected object to the corresponding part of [Device] or [Package] and highlight it, and The corresponding resource attributes and clock domain information are displayed in the [ProperTIes] and [Clock Regions] windows.

Package Pins cross positioning function

Figure 10-43 Package Pins Cross Positioning Function

Similar to the Package Pins cross-location feature, select an object in [Clock Regions] and position and highlight the corresponding object in several other windows. As shown in Figure 10-44.

Clock Regions Cross Location

Figure 10-44 Clock Regions Cross Location Function

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