Wearable health care, what challenges have you encountered?

Electronic enthusiasts eight o'clock : Google Glass stopped personal sales, Apple Watch announced production cuts, the smart watch startup Pebble, which had the fastest fundraising record on the Kickstarter fundraising platform, also announced the sale to Fitbit in December last year, plus global The growth rate of smartphones has slowed down, and many wearable products seem to have encountered some challenges. Even so, Japan is still looking forward to the wearable market, because some application representatives have brought market hope to the market, including health care.

“The aging of Japanese society is very serious, and the contribution of wearable devices in the medical and health fields will be enormous.” In the view of Dong Wei, the head of the business planning department of BANDO, the health care will be The largest market that wearable devices can see.

Dong Wei is also a developer of C-STRETCH products, a sensor specifically for wearable medical devices, developed in collaboration with Kobe University in Japan. Before the booth, Dong Wei showed the reporter the specific application of C-STRETCH. When the user puts a collar embedded in C-STRETCH, it can analyze whether the user is correct according to the movement track of the user captured by C-STRETCH. The swallowing action, which can aid swallowing for the elderly and some people with dysphagia. In addition, Dong Wei also introduced to the reporter a wearable vest that assists in lower limb movement. The vest does not use any external force, and uses the kinetic energy of the upper body to drive the lower body to reduce the burden on the lower limbs. "The product can be worn in clothes without affecting the usual wear." Dong Wei told reporters, "For those who are not comfortable, the special assistance can bring considerable changes."

Wearable health care, what challenges have you encountered?

However, Japan's requirements for wearable medical devices are also very strict. Dong Wei pointed out to reporters that since wearable medical equipment is set as a medical product in Japan, it is necessary to obtain certification for medical supplies. Some medical instruments and instruments have to undergo a large number of clinical experiments before they are available. But these also do not prevent various technologies and products from gathering here.

Japan's Toyobo Co., Ltd. (TOYOBO) applies the self-developed conductive functional material COCOMI to clothes, allowing users to collect relevant physiological information with high precision in natural comfort.

The bone conduction hearing aid earsopen from boco Co., Ltd. brings the gospel to the hearing impaired. If the eardrum does not receive sound, it can receive sound signals through the bones, and it is better in the noisy environment. The sense of use, earsopen plans to be listed in March and April this year. At present, the related bone conduction technology developed by boco is mainly the earphones in the form of product presentation, but more products in the future may be limited to human imagination. "As long as it is in contact with the bones of any part of human beings, it can receive sound signals." The relevant person in charge of boco Co., told reporters.

To reduce back injuries caused by work, Innophys, a venture capital firm from Tokyo University of Science, has developed a wearable “backpack vest” kit, Muscle Suit, which allows people to easily lift heavy loads of 30 kilograms. This product is mainly for daily repetitive and necessary aged care and industrial and agricultural fields. It is foreseeable that the aging of Japanese society is bound to further expand this demand, and this equipment can make it easier for caregivers to lift the elderly who are bedridden or in the bathtub and wheelchair.

"For China, it is the same." Dong Wei told reporters that in the near future, China will also face a severe population aging problem, coupled with the gap between supply and demand in the medical sector will promote the demand for wearable medical equipment. constantly improving. In the future, the establishment of new carriers such as teleconsultations and medical big data platforms will also require wearable devices as the foundation.

"Mobile medical care will probably subvert traditional medical methods. Internet + medical tools may be like uber, Didi taxi and Airbnb, changing human behavior on one thing." Wang Jizhen, general manager of Taiwan Aol Technology Co., Ltd., believes that Wearable medical devices can be treated, diagnosed and rehabilitated. With the gradual popularization of smartphones, more medical devices will be combined with mobile phones. Before the booth, Wang Jixi showed the reporter the mobile phone software developed by the company using self-developed chips, which can be used for acupuncture, cupping and mobile laser to treat headaches.

Explore the infinite possibilities of sensors

In everyday life, work, and a more connected world, wearable devices are playing an increasingly important role, and the need to create and develop wearable devices is growing. The various functions of wearable devices depend on the integration and innovation of various sensor functions. It can be said that sensors become the main point of wearable devices.

At the show, YAMAHA presented the company's newly developed Stretchable Srain Sensor, an ultra-thin and extendable soft sensor for dynamic measurement and analysis of various human movements. : First, it is thin and flexible, and can be transformed into different shapes and lengths and widths. Secondly, these strain sensors exhibit repeatability, can withstand 180,000 repeated stress tests, and finally achieve linear response, which is quite high. Sensitivity.

These features are well suited to the requirements of light, thin, deformable and durable wearable medical devices. YAMAHA also demonstrates the sensor's rich applications in medical and industrial applications: YAMAHA uses the sensor to develop an integration The CNT strain sensor's sleeve prototype is used for elbow joint and muscle motion detection. In addition, there is a Data glove that captures the detailed movements of the finger joints without hindering the wearer's movements. Data glove can be combined with VR to simulate the assembly process of the car engine by superimposing sensor data on the virtual hands of VR. Data glove cooperates with VICON optical motion capture system to enable people to accurately capture the movement of the fingers and the body. action.

Wearable devices are not only very limited in size, but because they require long-term wear, comfort is also important, so they must also be very light, so the battery must be as small and safe as possible. In addition, high battery capacity is very important for the success of the product. Meeting these two requirements at the same time makes the challenges of batteries even more difficult. Fortunately, many of the characteristics of lithium batteries enable them to overcome this challenge, making them ideal for wearable applications. At the show, Huineng Technology, a lithium-ion battery manufacturer in Taiwan, brought the latest lithium-ceramic battery. "Because the battery is soft, bendable and foldable, it can be widely used in belts, straps, and headphones." Yang Shixian, Commissioner of Energy Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that "the battery can be used as usual after any twisting and bending, even after cutting, it can be powered normally and has high safety." It is reported that this battery The battery thickness is only 0.38 mm, which means that wearable card-type devices will be the best application for this new type of battery.

In addition, familiar smart glasses, smart bracelets, and even wearable digital devices for pets have attracted the attention of many participants. The exhibition provides excellent promotion platform and professional services for high-quality and innovative electronic enterprises. It displays all-round new technologies, new designs and new products, highlights the style of the company and enhances the brand's resilience. The high-quality audience brings a lot of business opportunities and opportunities for cooperation and exchange.

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