Wide color gamut + HDR technology micro whale 55 吋 TV new listing

The tiny whale W55J2 TV adopts an innovative design process. The thickness of the body is only 9.9mm, and the use of high-strength metal material allows the body to remain strong and flat under such a thin and light condition. The base adopts a unique bridge design, which is more in line with the principle of ergonomics. The concise and elegant form contains rigorous mathematics logic, presenting a seamless visual effect. At present, this TV is booked at Jingdong Mall for 3898 yuan, and the order is reduced by 200, and a set of WMF tools worth 998 yuan is provided. Interested friends may wish to look at it.

In terms of picture quality, the wide color gamut technology is used, and up to 85% NTSC color gamut is used. Just like the use of more pure pigment, the thickness of the color is enhanced, and the TV's “palette” has richer colors. Let the colors appear more realistic and natural, and the picture presented on the 4K ultra-high-definition screen is more clear and vivid. With HDR technology, improve the contrast of the picture, and at the same time show clear details of shadows and highlight details, enhance the sense of picture layer, and bring a more realistic visual experience.

The new generation of 55-inch micro-whale TV adopts an optimized sound guide design, with higher mid-high audio directionality and more real-life presence. Support Dolby/DTS audio dual decoding, and embedded Dolby ATMOS panoramic sound field technology, the sound effect is more vivid and vivid, and the sense of space is stronger, resulting in a stronger sense of immersion.

In terms of content resources, the Micro Whale TV relies on strong production examples of Chinese culture to integrate high-quality content resources at home and abroad, including large-scale cinemas of Tencent video, strong media variety show of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV, and 2000+-hour TVB movie library. As well as the BBC documentary, etc., whether it is a variety show or a movie or television drama, the program that you want to watch can be found on almost all of the small whale television. Tracing drama in front of the TV is also much more worry-free and can be seen everywhere.
Micro Whale W55J2
[Reference price] 3898 yuan [Dealer] Jingdong

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