Australian telecom operator Optus grabs 5G initiative to pilot 4.5G in Sydney

[World Wide Web reporter Zhang Zhiying] Although it happened in Australia, we may have gone further from 5G. Australian telecom operator Optus and Huawei conducted R&D cooperation and converted their network to 4.5G, which is 4 times faster than today's 4G LTE handsets. It is currently open at the Macquarie campus in Sydney.

Caption: Macquarie Park is known as Sydney Silicon Valley.

People who have traveled to Australia may not be familiar with Optus because it is the second largest telecom operator in Australia and Telstra, the largest telecom operator.

About 95,000 people participated in the pilot. This area is located in the northwest of Sydney. However, compared with 9.6 million mobile phone users in Australia, the number of testers is quite small.

The 4.5G ideal state will provide more than 1 Gigabit per second download speed. Optus said that the theoretical speed should be 1.03Gbps. In practical terms, Optus said that this will increase the speed of uploading and downloading 4G LTE mobile phones by up to 4 times.

If you want to experience faster speeds, you will need a 4.5G router or a mobile phone that can support 4.5G, but it is currently not available in the market. However, its partner Huawei, at the upcoming Barcelona MWC conference, is expected to announce devices compatible with 4.5G. According to rumors, it is the routers and mobile phones that support 4.5G.

This pilot project is called an important move towards the 5G road to 2020. Opus Operations Director Dennis Wong said that the Macquarie campus was chosen as the first experimental site because it brought together many business people, residents, universities, and large shopping. Center of Science and Technology Center. He said: "This area is Sydney's science and technology center, and it is its diversity that ensures that we can see through it the performance of the network in various scenarios."

Optus said that before the arrival of 5G in 2020, it will continue to test the conversion of mobile networks from 4G to 4.5G. Wong said: "In 2020, 5G will be successful, and we have committed ourselves to various ways to support this new technology and enhance the user experience in the future."

Optus's parent company, Singtel and Huawei, signed a cooperation memorandum of understanding in research and development in 2014. Both parties have spared no effort in 5G network technology. In November, the speed was 35 Gbps. They called it Australia’s current history. The fastest speed for users in 5G transmission rate.

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