More convenient to the flying fish star VE984GW + routing evaluation

In this era of over-demanding wireless networks, wireless routers have become almost a must for all households, businesses, and even businesses. Wireless routers in the market are complicated and inevitably dizzying when they are purchased. After observing the wireless routing market, Xiao Bian found that most smart wireless routers today support the bidirectional control of the PC web interface and the mobile APP. Some users may say that the management of the web interface is too cumbersome and the mobile app management software will occupy the memory of the mobile phone. Is there any better solution? Don't worry, it has come.

Flying Fish Star VE984GW+ Wireless Internet Behavior Management Router belongs to Feiyuxing VE series Internet behavior management router. Designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies, education and scientific research institutions, it is equipped with “Internet behavior management” and “multi-WAN routing”. "Multiple functions of the new generation of hardware network access equipment, not much to say, then let us jointly witness how the Flying Fish Star VE984GW + wireless Internet behavior management router how powerful.


Speaking of appearance, his appearance as a wireless router may be too traditional, and it is difficult to link with the word of the United States. However, he reads that it is a behavior management router that targets enterprises and will endure it.

Flying Fish Star VE984GW+ Wireless Internet Behavior Management Router Front Body Figure

The overall body is very square, the body size is 232mm 142mm 44mm, in the enterprise wireless router is petite figure, the overall blue tone, a strong sense of business. The front of the fuselage is marked with flying fish star logo and indicator design, respectively, indicating 5G, 2.4G, external network and port connection status, intuitive and easy to observe.

Flying Fish Star VE984GW+ Wireless Internet Behavior Management Router Side Body Figure

Flying fish star VE984GW + both sides of the fuselage are radiating hole design, can be an excellent heat dissipation to ensure long standby operation of the equipment. Of course, after a period of use by Xiao Bian, it was discovered that the flying fish star's routing device did not generate much heat, and the indoor use would not increase the summer's temperature burden too much.

Flying Fish Star VE984GW+ Wireless Internet Behavior Management Router Back Body Figure

Flying Fish Star VE984GW+ Wireless Internet Behavior Management Router The back of the fuselage is designed for interfaces and antennas. The device uses a 4 antenna design. The antenna uses a dual-band gigabit 7dBi high-gain antenna. The four antenna ports clearly indicate the 5G and 2.4G antenna interfaces. The lower layer is a network interface, and the leftmost is a reset button, which is used to restore the factory settings. The five network interfaces include a Gigabit LAN interface, two Gigabit WAN interfaces, and two Gigabit LAN/WAN composite interfaces. The rightmost end is the power interface. The power supply is a built-in switching power supply and the maximum power consumption is ≤10W.

Overall, the appearance of the Flying Fish VE984GW+ wireless internet behavior management router is not very good in enterprise-class routers, but each interface is also a thing of the past. After all, it is used by enterprises and the appearance does not have to be deliberately pursued.

Feature articles

Since the appearance is not so outstanding, what characteristics are there in use? First of all, the VE984GW+ wireless Internet behavior management router adopts the latest 802.11AC wireless protocol and can support the two frequency bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz to work simultaneously. 1200M ultra-high speed wireless transmission speed. Flying FishStar VE984GW+ also supports various kinds of flexible marketing authentication methods such as WeChat authentication, page advertisement pushing and exemption authentication, and can push customized information through the authentication page to help merchants easily realize brand image display, promotion promotion, advertisement promotion and so on. With WeChat authentication, we can also quickly increase WeChat fans for businesses. Through the Flying Fish Nebula platform, scientific analysis of fan behavior is conducted to achieve effective secondary marketing.

As an Internet behavior management router, during the working hours, the management personnel can use the online behavior management function to formulate different privilege level management strategies for employees in different departments. It can be a good way to prevent employees from playing hard during the working hours or doing something irrelevant to the work on the Internet, which greatly improves the work efficiency of employees. For employees' chat tools, P2P software, etc. can be easily controlled, restricted, etc., to ensure that employees do not distract during their work.

The Flying Fish Star VE984GW+ supports up to 80 to 100 Internet terminals (including 60 wireless terminals) in a network environment. It is especially suitable for environments where wireless users are densely connected, such as small and medium conference halls, open office rooms, and cafes.

PC & WeChat two-way intelligent control

Most of the smart wireless routers in the market support the PC web interface settings and mobile APP control. The Flying Fish VE984GW+ does not have its own mobile APP, but it does not mean that it is inferior to other wireless routers, because the flying fish VE984GW+ will be perfect. The mobile terminal management is migrated to the WeChat platform, which is a big move, which is convenient for user applications, and makes the memory of the mobile terminal not too much occupied.

In the following, we first set up the VE984GW+ on the PC web interface.

First connect all interfaces. Enter “” in the PC browser to enter the web management interface.

By thinking of the configuration, select the Internet mode and then set the wireless SSID and password for the 2.4G and 5G bands.

After the configuration is completed, enter the web interface homepage. The left side of the page is divided into multiple modules. The system status module can clearly learn the system information, the connection status of the network interface, and the statistics and monitoring of the internal network.

In the wireless setting module, the user can modify the SSID and password of the 2.4G and 5G frequency bands, and monitor and manage the accessed devices.

The online behavior management module incorporates a variety of management and control functions for employees' online behaviors. It can monitor employees' online hours during working hours, and restricts games and unnecessary network chats, intercepts restricted websites, and enhances The staff's control and control greatly improved the work efficiency of employees.

The BYOD management module is mainly used to manage wireless mobile terminals. Filtering of mobile devices enables filtering of Android devices and iOS devices, and filtering of mobile terminal applications through mobile APP filtering, such as social networking applications and audio/video entertainment applications. Wait.

The certification management module is mainly used for marketing certification and WeChat authentication. When businesses use it, they can provide activities such as promotion and powder absorption. It is a very good marketing tool for businesses.

In terms of network security, the Flying Fish VE984GW+ has a powerful firewall that provides multiple security protections. The leading ARP trust mechanism is combined with the intranet ARP defense function to prevent ARP virus intrusion and prevent intranet disconnection. Support internal and external attack defenses to prevent viruses, Trojans, and hackers from intruding.

In addition, the flying fish star VE984GW+ also has built-in Airfish's unique AirQoS wireless flow control technology. Compared with common enterprise wireless routers, it can carry more users' access, wireless machine capacity is doubled, and the Internet experience is better.

VPN is very important for employees of the company. The VE984GW+ supports standard PPTP VPNs and IPSEC VPNs. It supports point-to-network and network-to-network access and provides a high-security encryption tunnel solution. With simple configuration, you can easily set up a secure VPN connection; and meet the convenience, security, and cost requirements for data transmission across geographical companies. VE984GW+ can also be interconnected with mainstream VPN devices, with good compatibility, high security, and can meet the security communication requirements between headquarters and branch offices, employees on business trips, and so on.

Through the WEB interface configuration operation is not difficult to find, flying fish star VE984GW + function is quite complete, but Xiao Bian also said that the flying fish star VE984GW + does not support mobile APP control, the mobile control function is integrated into the WeChat public number, that experience How is it?

First, the mobile terminal is connected to the wireless network and searches for the public number of the "Flyfish Star" via WeChat. After clicking on "Device Management" in the lower right corner of the interface, you can enter the management interface to bind the device. After the binding, the user can receive the device access. Message alert. Access to the main management interface, the upper part of the network traffic for wireless routing and some simple information, the lower part is divided into four modules: "online users", "network experience", "message center" and "route setting". Users can enter management according to their own needs.

Entering the online user module, the user can clearly or access the number of wirelessly routed terminals and the name of the terminal. Through this module, the network speed of the access terminal can be limitedly managed and highly personalized.

The network experience module is divided into three small modules, but after Xiaobian pro-test, the three functions are on the line, I believe it will be improved in the future. The message center module clearly records the disconnected access of the terminal and grasps the dynamics of the terminal in a timely manner. The final route setting module includes settings for WiFi, settings for accessing the Internet, etc. The wireless SSID and password can be modified through this module, and operations such as modifying the management password, restarting the device, and releasing the binding can also be performed at this interface.

Overall, the management platform of WeChat does not have the advantage of visual terminal APP, but it is very clear in the module design. It can easily manage the device. It also saves the memory space of the terminal and also facilitates the device. Management is a double benefit.

Performance articles

After experiencing the convenience of Flying Fish Star’s WeChat control, we next look at its performance. In this performance test, we focused on testing the signal coverage and stability of wireless routers. What is the result?

Company's internal plan (point A is the equipment placement point)

We have arranged several test points for ABCDEF within the company. Point A is the placement point of the flying fish star VE984GW+ wireless router.

Test equipment: PC (Lenovo G480), network card (NETGEAR A6200)

Test Software: WirelessMon

After testing, we obtained the following data: (Note: due to internal wireless interference factors, the test parameters are for reference only)

B 2.4G band test results, signal strength is 94%

C-point 2.4G test results, signal strength of 86%

D-point 2.4G test results, signal strength of 88%

E point 2.4G frequency band test result, the signal intensity is 78%

F-point 2.4G test results, signal strength is 76%

The signal coverage of the 2.4G band is generally satisfactory and can meet the full coverage of the company. The signal coverage test of the 5G band follows:

B point 5G band test results, signal strength of 95%

C point 5G band test results, signal strength of 70%

D 5G band test results, signal strength 85%

E point 5G band test results, the signal strength is 64%

F-point 5G test results, signal strength is 60%

After the test, we found that the wireless signal coverage of the Phillips VE984GW+ wireless router is quite good, and the 2.4G and 5G band coverage can reach a higher level, which can meet the wireless Internet access needs of SME users.

After testing the wireless signal coverage, let's look at the signal stability of the flying fish VE984GW+:

Fish Star VE984GW+ signal stability test results (2.4G)

Flight Star VE984GW+ Signal Stability Test Results (5G)

Through the stability test, we found that the signal stability of the flying fish VE984GW+ is still very good. Both the 2.4G band and the 5G band can keep the stability of the signal very stable, with little ups and downs, and can bring smoothness to users when they use it. sense. (Note: Due to internal wireless interference factors, test parameters are for reference only)

Therefore, whether it is from signal coverage or signal stability, the Flying Fish VE984GW+ can be regarded as a good performance of enterprise-class wireless products, can bring a fun speed, and ensure that employees do not because of poor network experience at work The work process was delayed.

Summary articles

Whether it is a large-scale enterprise or a small- and medium-sized enterprise, it has strict requirements on the network. For wireless routing products, the most basic is the requirement for the Internet experience, and then the basic management of employees must be improved. It is clear that the flying fish star VE984GW+ It can meet the needs of SMEs in the use of online behavior management routers, effectively solve the user's wireless network and management problems, the use of 7dBi high-gain antenna makes it among the best among many small and medium enterprise routers. The device comes with WeChat marketing and event promotion functions, which is conducive to the promotion and marketing of businesses and enterprises. It integrates the terminal APP management function into the WeChat public number and brings an excellent control experience. It is also a major feature of the Flying Fish Star VE984GW+. In terms of pricing, the official mall is priced at 879 yuan, less than the price of 1,000 yuan can be in the bag, for SMEs is a good choice.

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