Seagate Review of Buy and Use Experience of Seagate Backup Plus New Core 2TB Hard Drive


Remember that the first mobile hard disk brand to be purchased was Hitachi (HITACHI) and later merged with Western Digital (WD). At that time, the size of the mobile hard disk felt a bit large. For a while, Western Digital's mobile hard disk was only 500GB+USB2. 0, and then from the graduation to use the current Seagate 1TB + USB3.0, although the configuration looks good, but today still can see the portable mobile hard drive continues to improve today, but unfortunately SSD solid state hard drive has long become a protagonist, The time left for Western Digital and Seagate to change is not much.

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Purchase History

> Normal prices and activities are similar, can be purchased at any time, my purchase price 2TB + USB3.0 (send a package), 649

Reason for purchase

Usually recommending to others is not about Western Digital (WD) and Seagate. But why would I choose Seagate? Because Seagate's 3-year warranty service is really in place. Of course, some people want to use it. This rule is also very helpless reality.

If you have ample budget, you can directly consider the selection of two mid-to-high-end series: Western Digital (WD) My Passport Ultra and Seagate Backup Plus.

Evaluation content

First put a SEAGATE Backup Plus new Core 2TB USB3.0 HDD accessory diagram

Mobile hard disk 1

USB3.0 dedicated high-speed cable 1

Jingdong presented a hard disk storage package 1

Comparison of old and new mobile hard disk can still observe some obvious differences

The height of two hard drives is almost the same, the new thin

In the length of the new obvious improvements, a short one

In the overall weight of the new style on the hand feels lighter than the old models

The old and new data lines at first glance seem to be almost all USB 3.0, but the actual test is still different.

The new and old data lines are not universal, not universal, not universal

The same test environment, using different hard disks to copy the same file, the old model is 76M, the new stable rate up to 136M, and enterprise-class 1500-rpm SAS hard drives are equal,

Evaluation summary

1. Compared to Seagate’s old models, the new models still have a lot of changes in size and style, at least smaller and more portable.

2. It is worth noting that the same USB3.0, the data line is not universal, the transmission speed is also different

3. From the price and workmanship to choose which brand is not important, like yourself

4. The popularity of USB Type-C should be the standard for the next stage. The mobile phones will begin to exceed the computer configuration. Will the mobile hard disk be far behind?

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