OnePlus plus one plus one mobile phone 3 week experience & some benefits recommended

Well, at the end of 14 years, he entered the HTC M8et, and in an accident, he became like this.

Simply, heart

Then, after insisting on using it for a year and a half, the idea of ​​switching to mobile phones was born. Initially wanted to enter Google's pro son, but the new generation of 820 Google's pro son did not appear on time, so only honestly to choose the same can easily brush the native system of a plus phone, Bingbu buy new do not buy the old The principle of decisive milk tea East into one plus three. The map of Chengdu is really delicious TAT

Hey, because Auntie has already had a lot of out-of-the-box items. Let me talk about the use of one plus three small feelings.

First of all, the first thing after getting a mobile phone is a flashing machine. Hey, because I'm a heavily dependent one of Google's father, I definitely brushed off an international version of the oxygen OS.

It is like this

Is such that

Still like this

Alas, the actual experience is that compared to the domestic version of the hydrogen OS, the oxygen OS uses a mode that is closer to the native system than the Google OS. One plus did some user-friendly processing in some areas.

Many friends may ask, I have no need to brush oxygen OS, my feeling is that unless you need to use Google's father's service, or can not stand some of the magic of hydrogen OS features, I suggest that there is no need to brush. Because it is closer to the original, for some domestic whole family barrel mutual awakening, the background of the permanent push, etc., the original system and there is no way to effectively prevent and control. Oh, unless you can manually teach your phone.

Then, many people were concerned about the life of one plus three. I had done such an actual measurement. At nine o'clock in the morning, I was fully discharged and went to work. There were nails, QQ, and WeChat, and they were checked from time to time. There was no cleanup and the ladder was hanging. , In the middle of Google Play several application updates, and open Gmail to send and receive mail. In this mode of use, the amount of electricity used at noon was just 50%.

In this use case, I think that one plus three is considered to be qualified. In the absence of external power supply, normal use can still persist for one day. After all, 3000mAh battery capacity, I can only say Oh.

However, one plus three fast-chargers make up for this. In fact, when the mobile phone has 37 percent of its electricity, it is charged. After about forty minutes, the battery is fully charged and the heating temperature is higher. Stability, this is a good one.

As for the issue of fever, one plus three of the heat is mainly concentrated in the camera part, hey, this part is not easy to be noticed by the user in daily use, this detail to give praise. The overall fever situation is good, when playing the glory of the king, from the loading logo interface began to feel obvious fever. Then, after entering the game, the fever is more stable and it is within my acceptable range. This still depends on individuals.

Well, finally, this article gives everyone Amway a little benefit. (The following benefits require everyone to have some practical ability)

First: Xposed

The magic core of Android, you can use this plug-in to achieve a lot of functions that are usually difficult to achieve, such as anti-withdrawal, grab red envelopes, global control of APP self-start, etc., or change the interface of the magic

Second: MyAndroidTools Pro

The nickname Writer eyes, quite imba Android Manager, with Xposed, can effectively manage the major domestic software push, self-start, Hupenhuayou and other annoying things.

Customizable and rich, depending on how you tune to teach your phone.

Third: Shadow Shuttle

Going to Google Dad depends on it

The rest of the better software gives everyone recommended a base friend to do a collection of 6.0 software, hope to help everyone

In the final words:

Mobile phones have become a part of our daily life. In many cases, the ease of use of mobile phones can greatly enhance the efficiency of our work and life. Therefore, my suggestion is that we should take a closer look at the relevant mobile phone configurations and slowly accumulate them. The most suitable for your own match, so you can use your mobile phone to add a little different kind of color to your life.

Okay, this article ends here, and at the end of the day, Aunt Zhang’s editor doesn’t support Markdown. If you’re in need of someone, please tell me in the comments area. Let me put together a "Tips and App Tips for Everyday Use of Android Phones." Ok, this article is really over

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