The creation of visual music "Tilt Brush" was significantly updated

Google’s “Tilt Brush” made an important update on Tuesday, adding a tool called “audio reactive brushes” for this HTC Vive app. This tool allows you to listen to your favorite songs and create your own visual music works through brushes.

This audio responsive brush tool is very exciting and takes this application to another level. Just play any music on your computer, turn on "Audio Reactive" mode, and your artwork strokes will follow the music's rhythm.

As shown below, after you update Tilt Brush, you will see an "Audio Reactor" function in the menu bar. Audio responsive brushes are enabled after Tilt Brush receives music information from the system. Tilt Brush now adds 15 new brushes to the three selection panels.

Tilt Brush is a great application that allows you to use real-life brush, star, light, or even flame in a 3D environment. The interface is very intuitive and suitable for people of different ages. Experience.

The freedom of creativity that Tilt Brush can provide is almost endless, and because you are in a 3D environment, you can walk around and watch your own work. For newly added music features, you are just like rediscovering Tilt Brush.

In addition to "Audio Reactor", other updates include:

New video capture capabilities (via the "Cameras" tool);

3 streamlined panels

New sketch panel, located below the tool;

New "tip tips" teaching link;

Various bug fixes, UX optimizations, and more.

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