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In the past two years, domestic smart home appliances have become more and more popular. Xiaomi, Alibaba, and lifesmart have all launched their own products. Each program has its own characteristics. After using a lot of home products, I have studied more or less. Some of these manufacturers use the most common wifi to do the network, and some use zigbee, wifi's disadvantage is too much power, in fact, is not very suitable for smart home appliance networking, high data transmission volume for smart home appliances Not very much needed. Zigbee has low power consumption, good coverage, and poor generality. General home appliance manufacturers do not adapt. I'm still using it for the first time, like the Langui Family Suite, which uses Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth should be too familiar, Nokia's era is already very mature short-distance transmission protocol. After 4.0, the power consumption is also very low, but the transmission distance is awkward, and my jabra Halo fusion is only 6 meters. The new Langui family set is not reliable. I still have doubts.

In addition to technical reliability, as a smart home product, appearance (forced grid), ease of use, and intelligence are the focus of evaluation. This article will introduce aspects of appearance, application, performance and experience.

First, the appearance of the box

Because it is a packaged product, it is natural to send in the box + outside the box, the outer box also has the standard of sweet-scented osmanthus technology, it should be a unified network marketing package. Each product box is of different sizes. The middle gap is filled with foam. The whole packaging is not a problem. The outer box EMS Beijing also has a pit (strong, big EMS). The protection function has played, the inner packaging is very good, but I just think This packaging style is a bit too real, playing smart home appliances are now some of the more quality of life and like to chase new people, forcing the request is still relatively high, sweet-scented osmanthus product design is good, this later said that personally feel that on the packaging Still have a little more sense of design.

Each product's independent packaging is a white paper box, from the largest to the smallest, Lan Kwai smart housekeeper, Lan Kwai Bluetooth speaker, Lan Kwai Bluetooth light bulb, Lan Kwai Bluetooth socket. We will introduce them separately from big to small.

Smart housekeeper

Open the smart housekeeper first, and there are manuals in each product box, although there is actually not much content. Smart housekeepers have power supplies, manuals, and smart housekeepers.

The power supply is a 100-240V wide voltage design, other components are also, Lan Gui seems to have to prepare for overseas.

The housekeeper's appearance is a cylindrical design of white and outer matte plastic, so that the surface gloss is particularly moist, the design of the cylinder is also more elegant, and the minimalist style of furniture will be more matched, and other products put together will not drop out.

There is a concentric texture at the top, but it's not particularly noticeable. If you look closely, there will be some reflections.

At the bottom is the nameplate. It is also a design that can be seen inside and outside the package.

There is an interface near the bottom side, which is also relatively simple, from left to right: power indicator, USB, network cable, power cable.

Finally, look at the nameplate on the box. It is bilingual.

2. Bluetooth speaker

Followed by Bluetooth speakers, directly on the first nameplate

In addition to the speaker body there are audio lines and USB cable

Because of the problem of light, the net can only be seen on the photo and cannot see the internal unit. Lan Gui’s bluetooth speaker has a net cover on both sides. It looks like four cells but the relative cell size is not symmetrical. Therefore, the relative mesh cover should not be the design of the left and right channels. Personal estimation may be a dual-passive diaphragm design. However, no detailed technical data is only a guess, and the sound quality will be reviewed later.

There is a microphone on the top of the speaker, the top is the control button, the photo can be seen, the bottom left of the rubber when it came just a little bit tilted up, press down slightly just fine, not a big problem, but still look forward to Lan Gui In the workmanship can be better, the product must be enough to be exquisite.

On the back of the top there is also a USB charging port and AUX port protected by rubber.

3. Bluetooth light bulb

Or first look at the nameplate, light bulb power is 6.5w, in the color changing light bulb should be relatively high, luminous flux has 480LM, before used other home 3w white +3w color design is a bit embarrassing, a little bit of color change, can only Ambient light cannot be used as main light.

Lan Gui this Bluetooth light bulb shape is really pretty, smooth and beautiful lines, the material is also moist. 140g light bulb weight in the hands of more weight, workmanship is nothing to say, very fine.

4. Bluetooth socket

Finally is a Bluetooth socket, the maximum operating current is 10A, 2200w, in addition to high-power air conditioner with no fixed, other appliances at home should be no problem

The appearance and function are not too fancy, that is, a single three-phase transfer single universal design

Finally, Zhang Quanfu

Lan Gui this suit, socket is relatively common appearance, the speaker black design and the package does not seem special, smart butler is very beautiful, personal favorite or the light bulb.

Second, the installation settings, software use

Have seen the hardware or come first to look at the software, there is a basic impression, a detailed evaluation of the experience in the final.

Mobile phone code download app Shenma's not say, new software is definitely the beginning of registration is registered, but also can not be said, but I would like to talk about Lan Gui this interface, color, with the picture is quite beautiful, very comfortable color, with map The furniture is also very elegant, behind you can see, the interface design is relatively simple, the overall design of the app is still quite forcing.

Basic settings such as networking have tips, interactions are still relatively in place.

Into the main interface, the first thing to do is still need to add equipment, what equipment must remember to open ah, trial set in the three devices, so the three connected, the right side of the plus sign can be added On the device added, it will not appear in this search interface. The first time it is used, it feels like this logic is not quite accustomed to. Personally, it feels that the added device does not automatically eliminate the display of connected devices. Because Lan Gui’s control center is essentially a Bluetooth router, it is actually not only Lan Gui’s own suite, but also other Bluetooth devices that can be connected to it. I tried it, the home Bluetooth headset, speakers can be connected, with other programs do not say Bluetooth, versatility still have to like.

It should be said that Lan Gui's family suite is the best logic I have ever used in a smart home appliance system, although I think some details can be more clear. He is classified according to the actual space of the family, and assigns smart home appliances to different spaces. This is actually the case, and it is very easy to control. The linkage of the smart device is placed in the scene. You can set it by considering the actual usage scenario. The entire design is simple and clear, and it complies with the daily use logic. But in the switch of equipment, I think it is not possible to use labels. Now the design of left and right strokes is still a bit messy. The main reason is that each device does not have a title to prompt.

As shown in the figure below, in the living room, under this category, there are various devices belonging to it. Right-scratch is the control of each device.

One thing I would like to Tucao is that although all types of devices have no problem identifying them, the icons are also well-categorized, but the device name is directly used to model, Bluetooth light bulb is clt1000, see which name do I know which device is which? Fortunately, the name can also change, I was the first time to change the Chinese name directly marked function.

There is an important setting in the device interface, which is the grouping of rooms so that different devices can be split into different rooms for easy management. The speaker is not the same as the point is not a separate setting, only in a separate function interface has a grouping, grouping the speaker's game to say later. After the device is allocated, different devices will be seen in different "rooms." For example, I dropped the Bluetooth light bulb to the next bedroom.

The last and most important setting is the linkage of smart devices. Lan Gui is called the scene here. For example, if I want to set an environment where the PM2.5 value exceeds 200, we can use the smart socket to automatically start the home air purifier. This can be achieved using scenarios.

Select the new scene in the scene, select the appropriate conditions and device actions to add, it is best to change the name to easily remember what the linkage is doing.

There are various parameters in the conditions, some of which are obtained from the server. If Lan Gui outputs the sensor later, it is estimated that there will be. Action All connected devices can do the corresponding actions. How to set the scene to open their own application needs and imagination, to open the music, turn on the light of this kind of thing is very simple.

There are also some miscellaneous settings such as app updates, firmware upgrades do not seem to need more introduction. There is a family member management in my family that is more useful. Adding family members makes it easier for the whole family to use it together.

Third, performance testing and experience

Or according to the equipment to introduce one by one, so clear

Smart housekeeper

In appearance, Lan Gui’s smart butler is bigger than other homes, lifesmart is a square, not too big, millet pie shape is not too big, or multi-functional. Lan Gui this is actually a "Bluetooth router"? I don't know if it's because of the consideration of arranging the antenna. It's relatively large, but it's not too big. The sense of design and forcing is also good. It wouldn't be too ugly to put there. With the mobile phone app to set, do not need a high network speed, so do not need to be placed next to the router, wifi connection to the home network is ok. Of course, it is still recommended to put it in the center of the house so that Bluetooth signal coverage will be better.

Because I'm curious about the effect of using bluetooth as a smart home appliance, Lan Gui, the router, claims to have a transmission distance of 300 meters. It covers the entire bird's nest, and it probably measures the signal. Bluetooth is not like WiFi detection software. It cannot be measured quantitatively. It can only be In the test of connectivity under different distances, the method I used was as follows: the family is a transparent type, total length is more than 8 meters, the longest ends are about 10 meters or so, and three points are selected to test each wall separately. A point that is about 2 meters away from the Bluetooth router, 2 points away from the B point 5 meters away, separated by 9-10 meters, separated by two walls of the C point, the project is to remotely switch the smart light bulb and remote play Bluetooth music. The test results are such that ABC three point switch lights are no problem, you can freely control the light switch, but there is a phenomenon of Stellar Bluetooth music playback. The reason may be two, the connection is unstable or the bandwidth is not enough. The wifi environment of my home is very poor. The house in the building is very dense. There are too many routers and I don't know whether there is any interference to the Bluetooth signal.

The conclusion is that there is no problem with the control and switching of the smart home, but Bluetooth music playback may be a problem, mainly due to bandwidth or stability issues.

2. Bluetooth speaker

Let me talk about Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth speakers are generally the pursuit of portability, sound quality can not be too true. As mentioned before, Lan Gui this Bluetooth speaker seems to use a dual-passive diaphragm design, low-volume feeling is still relatively guaranteed, tri-band is also more balanced, to deal with a variety of music will not have to listen to the problem. The whole speaker is about the same as a bottle of mineral water, the unit is relatively small, but the sound level is also good, can also be heard, the analysis is more general, Lan Gui's technical advantage should be in Bluetooth, the speaker is likely to be OEM The effect is not particularly appealing to groups.

The sound aspect of playability is not in a single speaker. Lan Gui's Bluetooth router can connect 22 devices at the same time. The app also supports multiple speakers to output at the same time. This way playing Bluetooth with left and right channels, or even surround sound is not a problem. The versatility of Bluetooth has also been demonstrated. My home does not have a separate Bluetooth speaker, so try to connect to a Jabra Halo Fusion headset. At the same time, Bluetooth output music is no problem. If each house has a Bluetooth speaker, it can be set separately. The main problem is that although multiple speakers can play, but the source can only use Lan Gui's housekeeper, the package does not provide the total audio input, if you provide a total physical input, can bring the source of the game or movie, then the practicality It will be much bigger.

Lan Kwai housekeeper built Himalayas, is my common radio software, very easy to use, but in general resources are still less.

3. Bluetooth light bulb

Lan Gui's power is 6.5W. For home use, this power is very small, at least equivalent to 60W incandescent lamp. I personally feel that it is a bit bright in the bedroom. Of course, the brightness of the lamp is only basic. It is still discolored, otherwise it is not worth the price. Lan Gui's control software is easier than the lifesmart I used before. It can adjust the brightness, color, and custom range of the lamp to include the entire spectrum, but it doesn't provide the function of periodic flashing to change the color. After the brightness is adjusted, it will not move. . The power of the light bulb is stronger than that of lifesmart. As I said before, this light bulb can be used as the main light to provide different moods to the room. However, since the color can be changed, it is expected that the app can provide automatic change function.

Bluetooth color change is not necessary to introduce it, you can use this light to adjust the atmosphere, candlelight dinner selection yellowish color, see the ghost selection green, when the red candidate.

4. Bluetooth socket

In fact, Bluetooth socket does not have much to introduce, mainly with the interaction of other devices, using the scene to play a variety of games, such as the previously mentioned ultra-open air purifier PM2.5, or on the pc, the total wiring board before the appliance , Night time off control to control the standby power consumption, as well as such as the control of ordinary table lamp switch. In short, what electrical appliances do you have and how you want to play?

There is a switch on the top of the socket that can be switched manually. The socket has a little bit of tantrums, the blue indicator light is a bit, and the entire black environment flashes a bit too quickly.

Fourth, experience and summary

After a few days of trial, I feel that Lan Gui's family set of technology is still relatively solid, Bluetooth signal coverage is quite black technology, the quality of the various components are also good, the software interface looks good, the operating logic is clear, it is also more convenient to use. Of course, as a new manufacturer, there will be some problems inevitably. For example, the component design style is not particularly uniform, and the software function is somewhat simple in some details. It is believed that these problems will be improved over time. There is also a problem that Lan Gui's components are still a little small. As smart home appliances, there are enough components for various functions to meet the diversified needs of families. In this regard, lifesmart, millet and other manufacturers will undoubtedly have many advantages. , Bluetooth technology as a smart home appliance product network to use it looks good, that is, still have to keep up with the ecological construction. Lan Kwai's crowdfunding was successful in Jingdong, and he hopes that the better he can get.

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