Guangdong will build 130 LED local standards within five years

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision and the Provincial Department of Science and Technology jointly issued the first "LED Lighting Industry Standard System Planning and Roadmap" in Asia. Guangdong will establish more than 130 LED local standards within five years. The industry believes that this marks Guangdong LED lighting industry will usher in the opportunity to break.

The quality of the missing standards will not go up. The Deputy Director of Quality Supervision Bureau of Guangdong Province Zhang Yanfei reported: “Why the threshold is low? The main source is the lack of standards in the LED industry.”

Another problem with the absence of standards is the phenomenon of causing the LED market to "bad coins". Companies that make high-end LED products will “lose losses” because low-end products can also easily get projects through low prices.

Occupying half the size of the mainland LED industry in Guangdong, how should the LED industry in the chaos of disorder? "Being the first to establish local standards" has become the consensus of the government, enterprises and research institutions.

Industrial chaos is on the verge of “according to the “Road Map” plan, within five years Guangdong Province will take the lead in the establishment of more than 130 LED local standards.” Zhang Yanfei said, “But it will not catch up with the changes, and the LED industry may not be able to wait five years. Therefore, our goal is to achieve as quickly as possible and strive to complete within 3 years. If new high-tech LED products emerge, we will immediately establish standards and seize opportunities in the international market."

With regard to the positioning of more than 130 local standards, Guangdong Quality Supervision Bureau also proposed "high starting point." Zhang Yanfei said: "Guangdong must establish LED local standards, we must ensure that the advanced nature, higher than the national standard; have an international perspective, strive to make Guangdong Province's LED local standards to the world."

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