Jiangsu's "economic and economical" RMB 230 billion yuan to build a smart grid

Jiangsu's "Rich and Rich" RMB 230 Billion to Build a Smart Grid The Jiangsu Provincial Power Company and the Provincial Environmental Protection Agency jointly signed a cooperation agreement between the Jiangsu Electric Power Company and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Environmental Protection to implement the ecological civilization construction project and jointly promote the development of Jiangsu's green power grid.

According to the terms of the cooperation agreement, the provincial power company actively strengthened the connection between the power grid planning and the environmental protection plan in accordance with the requirements of the “four services” of the State Grid Corporation of China, and resolutely implemented the management regulations for environmental protection in the power grid construction, striving for environmental protection in Jiangsu Province. Advanced industry model. The Provincial Environmental Protection Office actively supported Jiangsu's “12th Five-Year Plan” power grid construction, strengthened planning, project and policy guidance, and actively promoted the development of Jiangsu's green power grid, clean and environmental protection, and renewable energy. The two sides will deepen cooperation in environmental protection areas such as pollution reduction in power industry, environmental evaluation of power grid planning, electromagnetic environment supervision, power environmental protection technology, and establishment of environment-friendly industries, promote the development of Jiangsu Electric Power for innovation, intensive development, and safety development, and serve and promote Jiangsu “Two Take the lead in the overall development.

According to reports, during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, under the strong support and concern of the Provincial Environmental Protection Agency, the provincial power company plans to invest more than RMB 230 billion, build more than 580 substations with 110 kV and above, and build more than 13,500 kilometers of lines to build the main network. Strong, reliable distribution network, flexible scheduling, economic operation, environmental friendly, green and harmonious strong smart grid, to promote scientific development and construction of a better Jiangsu to provide more excellent power support.

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