Toshiba sells wide-angle LED light bulb, unit price is about 500 yuan

Recently, Toshiba has released two new "E-CORE" LED light bulbs. Unlike traditional LED bulbs, these two new products have a new T-shaped appearance that allows for greater exposure angles.

The brightness of this LED bulb is equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb (600 lumens for daylight products and 485 lumens for incandescent bulbs), but its rated power consumption is only 7.4W, which is quite economical.

Toshiba plans to use this shape of product to replace the past cylindrical fluorescent bulbs. This new product has a wide range of uses, such as downlights that can be installed horizontally in the lamp holder, and lighting fixtures such as wall lamps and chandeliers that require the overall brightness of the lamp. In addition, it can be used for sealed appliances such as bathroom lights. However, it cannot be used for instruments and circuits with dimming function.

Both products will begin sales on February 10, 2012. For the suggested retail price (including tax), the incandescent lamp (model: LDT7L-G) and daylight (model: LDT7N-G) are both 5,670 yen (about 470 yuan). It weighs 125g and has a rated life of 40,000 hours. The sales target is a total of 240,000 products per year.

G-Lights will provide great help in pool decoration while you have beautiful pool and need decoration lamp for it. Colorful light for the pool outline? Great glaxy star effect for the flooring, for the pool side? Or a complicated but nice dreamlike enviroment when you come to the pool? Just let fiber optic lighting application to fit the requirement.Don't need to worry about the safety and maintenance cost for the pool lighting project, fiber optic just look a cable and totaly insulation and no electric parts in it, unless people break it, it will keep working. Fiber optic lighting make everything easy, just lay the fiber cable on the pool according to the design. Stable quality and long life span time make the pool Lighting Decoration project nice and different.

In a word, just enjoy the fiber optic great effect for the decoration.

Fiber Optic Pool Decoration Light

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