After the Chinese New Year Flash Cards finalize the price of cabbage

With the opening of the school, the Provincial City Science and Technology Market is also bustling. Installed, bought laptops... consumers are in an endless stream. Among them, with the popularity of Apple’s popular mobile phones such as 4s, SD flash memory cards also ushered in the sales season. In the interview, the reporter learned that the price of flash cards has been falling for a long time after the holiday season. The highest price cuts are almost equal to 30%, and the price of hard-disk drives has become loose.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the provincial capital's technology market. In order to gain a share in the opening economy, many laptops and digital cameras set up promotional booths at the gates. Carefully pay attention to the prices. It was actually a hundred and eighty yuan less than the beginning of the year. Business introduction, has been shouting up the CPU, hard drive prices have emerged after the holiday, notebook prices have naturally had room for decline.

Continue to go inside, the reporter found that the real bustling still in the back, mobile phone and flash memory card sales area is a crowded scene, a counter three or four sales staff are busy. "I heard that the SD card is cheap, I bought it specifically." A consumer told reporters.

It is understood that the consumer said that the SD card is a kind of flash memory, according to the size of the two types, widely applicable to mobile phones, cameras and other portable electronic products, can play a storage role. During the interview, for the price trend of this type of product, a flash memory card holder must have affirmed that “cheap is big.” “After the listing of the Apple 4S, the flash memory sales have been good, but the price has gone against the market.” According to reports, before the Spring Festival, Flash memory prices have appeared loose, after a certain period of a certain brand 4G products sold cabbage prices, but 20 yuan, 8G as long as 50 yuan -55 yuan, but in early January 8G also 70 yuan.

According to the data provided by retailers, the flash memory product with the highest drop rate has dropped by nearly 30% in the past two months, while the decrease rate is also lower by about 5 yuan, mostly due to a significant drop after the Spring Festival. In this regard, retailers analyzed that the post-holiday brand price war is the main reason.

Later, the reporter learned that recently, memory and flash memory product manufacturer Kingston took the lead in selling price rumors, saying that the price of all its NAND flash memory products, including U-disks, memory cards, and SSDs, will be reduced by up to 15% to stimulate the market. Kingston has responded to the price cut but did not disclose the specific reduction. Immediately afterwards, from memory makers, SanDisk is also prepared to lower the prices of its memory cards and U-disks to protect its market share.

"The reasons for the price reduction are generally divided into two types. One is the upgrading of products and recycling of funds, the second is the expensive period, manufacturers overproduction, there is accumulation, so that the purchase price is getting cheaper, the retail price will also come down According to industry analysts, SanDisk is currently the world's largest flash memory card manufacturer, with a market share of about 40%, so regardless of the reasons for price cuts, the industry's price war is inevitable. At the same time, regarding the prices of hard drives that consumers are concerned about, in the second half of last year, an important base for global hard drive production in Thailand was affected by floods. The suspension of production at certain factories caused prices to rise, which was eased with the recovery of major hard disk manufacturers in December 2011. After the Spring Festival, the prices dropped gradually.

In addition, the reporter learned that flash memory prices have also seen a phenomenon of selling goods. Some dealers want to purchase more goods at low prices, and even consumers want to buy two or three spares when they are cheaper. In this regard, industry insiders said that including flash memory. Storage products such as hard drives, etc., have rapidly changed prices, especially when many manufacturers are shouting down prices. The price has not yet bottomed out, and it is not recommended to stock up, but consumers should also purchase rationally according to demand.

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