Sino-US Crystal's January revenue decreased by 18.7%. Estimated 2-3 months revenue is expected to go up

Sino-US combined revenue in January was NT$594 million, a monthly decline of 18.7%. The price of Sino-US solar silicon wafers is not good. After the rise of silicon wafers has been established, the demand for high-efficiency products has been renewed, and the semiconductor silicon wafer and LED business has bottomed out at the end of last year. The legal person estimates that China-US crystal 2-3 month revenue is expected to be rising month by month.

In the semiconductor product line, due to the maturity of this market characteristics, after the market conditions at the end of last year, there have been signs of moderate recovery. The overall overall economic environment has gradually recovered, and the power management applied by Sino-US Silicon Semiconductor wafers. The warming of the LED and other fields can all reflect the demand for semiconductor silicon wafers.

In the sapphire substrate part, after a downturn last year, the price also fell to the end of last November. Zhongmeijing mainly uses high-brightness patterned sapphire as the main shipping force, accounting for more than 80% of the total, both demand and price. The trend of picking up the bottom.


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