Making a transistor from cotton

Materials scientists in Italy, France and the United States have used cotton fiber to create two types of circuits and transistors: one is a field effect transistor similar to a CPU transistor, and the other is an electrochemical transistor that can be used for low voltage switching and is suitable for wearable computers. . The paper was published in the journal "Organic Electronics".

We all know that cotton is an insulator. How do scientists turn decay into magic? Originally, cotton was used only as a matrix. In order to make it conductive, scientists covered different materials such as gold nanoparticles and turned it into a conductive polymer. In order to convert cotton into semiconductors, it is also necessary to put another polymer and apply glycol to make it waterproof. The cotton circuit that maintains the flexibility has quite extensive application value, for example the cotton clothing can become the computer, built-in GPS and sensor and so on.

Led Wiring Control System

LED Wiring Control System can also called Led Smart Control System. The system include control box and sensors. LED Cabinet Light control system can connect the light to control the light on/off or dimming. For the control box, we got patented design already.

LED Wiring Control System Specification:

Smart Control Box Information


Patented Design






3 Ports Optional


Surface Mounted

Max Power

30W/12V 60W/24V


DC 12V/24V


DC 12V/24V

Sensors Information


IR Sensor/ Pir Sensor / Touch Sensor/Push


Surface Mounted/ Recessed


On/off  Dimming



LED Wiring Control System

Typical Applications: LED indoor light, kitchen, display case, bedroom.

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LED Wiring Control System

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