Detailed explanation of various LED cooling technologies to understand the cooling strategy of LED lamps (Figure)

Photodiodes ( LEDs ) are characterized by lightness, power saving, environmental protection, fast lighting response, long life, etc. In addition, under the continuous cost reduction, the light output and power are still increasing, which makes the market acceptance of LED lighting increase day by day. Traffic sign lights to large-size backlights, and to various lighting applications such as headlights, indoor and outdoor lighting, etc. At this stage, the luminous efficiency of LED has exceeded 100 lumens per watt, which is enough to replace the incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, and even fluorescent lamp and high-pressure gas discharge lamp.

Along with the advancement of high-power LED technology , the LED size is gradually reduced, the heat is concentrated in the small-sized chip, and the heat density is higher, which makes the LED face an increasingly severe thermal management test. In order to reduce the thermal resistance of the LED, the heat dissipation must be from the chip level, the package level, the board level to the system level, and the optimized heat dissipation design for each link. Get the best heat dissipation (Figure 1).

Figure 1 LED cooling strategy

Figure 2 high power LED profile

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