What is the significance of the dotdot released by the ZigBee Alliance on CES?

On January 5th, the ZigBee Alliance released the landmark inter-network collaboration IoT common language, dotdot, at CES 2017 and demonstrated the first batch of dotdot products based on the Thread IP network.

The ZigBee Alliance, originally registered in the United States, has given priority to China's strategic layout. ZigBee has taken the lead in breaking through the IoT ecosystem with conflicting agreements and borders, forming a ZigBee industry ecosystem for the Internet of Things era. No suspense. The first “ship ticket” to the industrial ecology of the Internet of Things era was harvested.

ZigBee open milestone

According to the official news of the ZigBee Alliance China member group, the theme of the day was "One Technology, Endless Choice". The booth displayed nearly 100 products manufactured according to the ZigBee Alliance's leading interoperable standards, including the Thread-based network but also using the ZigBee Alliance IoT. The first batch of products in the common language.

The official rendering of the ZigBee Alliance shows that the ZigBee Alliance has changed its trademark on materials such as the booth site, and the new application layer protocol is officially named after dotdot.

This means that a new application layer protocol dotdot has been introduced based on the ZigBee technology standard. This application layer protocol stack has achieved new breakthroughs in the ecological connectivity and openness of the Internet of Things industry, and is a milestone.

Tobin Richardson, Chairman and CEO of the ZigBee Alliance, said: "The open standards for creating and developing smart networks for home, business and community are long-term commitments of the Zigbee Alliance, and dotdot opens a new chapter in this commitment. As the core language of Zigbee devices, applications The layer drives the tremendous growth of the Internet of Things. Market leaders in the alliance recognize that this is an opportunity for alliance members and industries to accelerate their growth, and work together to transform it into a common language for the Internet of Things, enabling everyone to choose the network anytime, anywhere. Used in."

What is the significance of dotdot?

Most IoT devices today do not use the same language, even if they use the same wireless technology. This has led to the Internet of Things, which has often become a patchwork of various transformations, adding complexity to developers and limiting users to a single vendor system. Based on a common language across all IoT devices on any network, the solution provides developers with a common, innovative platform that gives users the freedom to choose the right product for them. Current Zigbee devices use a common language. With dotdot, the language-application layer at the core of Zigbee technology can be applied to other IoT networks. While other solutions address this challenge with new protocols or single-vendor solutions that are still being drafted, dotdot is an open, mature technology that has more than 400 powerful global members and diverse supply chains in the ZigBee Alliance. support. This increases flexibility and speed for today's developers developing products and services.

Skip Ashton, vice president of software for Silicon Labs, a leading provider of IoT silicon, software and systems solutions, said: "By benefiting from the scalability of Zigbee interoperability technology, Silicon Labs and our customers have achieved success in the IoT space. The discovery of Zigbee's application has increased significantly as developers realize that their current investment in the existing Zigbee market will enable them to open up new markets through dotdot."

The bulk of the ZigBee application

In addition to the strong support of China's benchmarking companies, the ZigBee industrial ecology is also derived from the spontaneous participation of various application developers (vendors) in the Chinese industrial chain.

In terms of scale alone, the number of Chinese application developers (vendors) is unparalleled in the global industry chain.

According to incomplete statistics, although the ZigBee Alliance has only 400+ members worldwide, there are at least 1,000 non-registered enterprise developers or informal partners in the Chinese industry chain.

Prior to this, ZigBee and Thread, Weave, WiFi, Z-Wave, Bultooth, Mesh, NFC, UWB and other short-range wireless communication protocols have experienced multiple rounds of game in many industrial fields, and the advantages and disadvantages of each agreement Its application field has gone through repeated verification to its own destiny.

Basically, protocols such as Bultooth, Mesh, NFC, and UWB have long been marginalized, except in specific application areas and their application scenarios; WiFi and Z-Wave will still exist as supplementary protocols, but their limitations are unlikely to advance. For the mainstream IoT short-distance protocol; although Weave has a strong background, there is little time left to form an industrial ecology; Thread and ZigBee have announced cooperation, Thread and ZigBee are actually interconnected.

The Zigbee Alliance will announce more details of dotdot in 2017, including specifications, certifications and logos. Since dotdot is built on Zigbee's application layer, and Zigbee is part of the dotdot family, the best way to get involved and market now is to start cutting into Zigbee products. Companies and developers interested in getting early applications or participating in dotdot development can join the Zigbee Alliance at Zigbee.org.

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