What is the difference between monitor speakers and ordinary speakers

Recently, several speakers on the market claim to be monitor-level speakers. So what exactly is a monitor speaker? What is the difference with ordinary speakers? Let's talk about it below.

Speaking of monitor speakers, many people may have heard them in the field of professional audio, which is still very strange. This should start from the classification of speakers. Speakers can be generally divided into main speakers, monitor speakers and return speakers according to their uses. The main speaker is generally used as the main speaker of the sound system, and is responsible for the main playback tasks; the listening speaker is also called the stage monitor speaker, which is generally used on the stage or song and dance hall for actors or band members to monitor their singing or playing sound. The monitor speaker is used for monitoring when producing audio programs in the listening room and recording studio. It has the characteristics of low distortion, wide and straight frequency response, clear sound image, little modification of the signal, etc., so it can best reproduce the original appearance of the sound.

The sound engineer needs to hear the essence of the sound, so that he can know how to modify the sound in order to achieve perfection in the end. If the beginning is to hear the sound that has been "modified", then no one can guarantee what the final product will be. Look. In this sense, monitor speakers may not be the most suitable speaker products for users to listen to music, because from the design concept, it must be based on the original appearance of the sound source, and cannot be added to any stylized, personalized sound quality. The sound is rendered, so we should not hear any sound such as British sound or American sound from good monitor speakers.

From the perspective of music appreciation, whether it is a monitor speaker for the purpose of pure objective playback, or a variety of Hi-Fi speakers and AV speakers that have unique charm, all types of speaker products have their own different user groups, not sound. Very small monitor speakers must be the best choice for listening to music.

Speaking of which, we need to explain the word dyeing. Sound dyeing is the additional interference of the essence of the sound and the original sound, the appearance of excess sound, or the change of the original appearance of the sound. To give a more visual example: you speak into a large jar and hear your voice different from usual, the space inside the jar changes your voice. This is sound dyeing. The essence of the monitor speaker is to try to prevent the sound stain caused by the speaker.

In fact, what more people like is the stylized and personalized sound effects from various types of Hi-Fi speakers. For Hi-Fi speakers, there will definitely be some kind of sound dyeing. Manufacturers will also modify the corresponding frequencies in the sound according to their own understanding of music and product style. This is just like photographs, monitors, and other products. Sometimes, some personalized products with a slightly thicker color and over-rendered and more flavor will be more popular. In other words, different people have different feelings in the orientation of the sound, and the monitor box and the ordinary Hi-Fi box have different fields of application. If you want to set up a personal music studio or an enthusiast who pursues the essence of sound, then a suitable monitor speaker is your best choice. In the PC multimedia system, the Hivi T200a near-field monitor speakers tested by this newspaper recently are undoubtedly one of the best choices.

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