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Author: Owen

Published time: January 2005

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As the number one work of Edifier's top S series, S5.1 multimedia speaker not only has outstanding sound quality performance, but also has a nearly perfect and noble shape. (see picture 1)

(Figure 1): Edifier S5.1 multimedia theater system

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main feature:

Click here to view pictures in a new window Real cinema-level power promotion, using high-power ring cow, with a total output power of 240W (90W + 25W * 6)
Click here to view pictures in a new window Subwoofer independent two-cavity structure, 33mm thick double-layer side panel Click here to view pictures in a new window 5 satellite boxes (/ center) are designed according to the spirit of THX and Dolby Digital (AC-3), all using two frequency division Click here to view pictures in a new window 8 inch aluminum voice coil high strength woofer, silk film liquid magnetic dome tweeter, 4 inch leather edge composite paper cone midrange unit Click here to view pictures in a new window Wireless infrared remote control, microcomputer digital control system, precision digital potentiometer can be accurate to 1dB
Click here to view pictures in a new window Switching on / off volume fades in and out, power off memory, high brightness fluorescent (VFD) display, multi-function status indication Click here to view pictures in a new window Unique 6.1 channel post-level attack and release, can be expanded to Dolby EX and other 6.1 systems Click here to view pictures in a new window Dolby Digital (AC-3) Ready, DTS Ready type, easy to connect external decoder Click here to view pictures in a new window Top accessories, all gold-plated audio plugs and sockets, high-purity copper speaker cables

In October 2004, the author Owen bought S5.1 at the dealer announced by the local Edifier Network for 1380 yuan, which is the latest version of V220A. After a month of pot-burning, Owen started the S5.1 motoring based on the introduction of the Edifier Forum and the technical guidance and help from friends such as AWEN and Dream Forest. Thank you for your selfless help!
Just because the writer is "electrically blind" like most S5.1 users, he doesn't understand electronics or welders, so he can understand that most S5.1 users are eager to play and can't get started. Therefore, this article strives to provide the most scientific, practical, simple and economical motor skills for S5.1 users in the most concise and clear language and the most detailed pictures. It is divided into four major levels of friction methods, fever, mild fever, moderate fever, and ashes-level fever, and the two new and old versions V210A, V220A S5.1 are used to explain the difference for everyone Use for reference when playing motorcycle!

Before explaining the S5.1, you must first determine whether your S5.1 is an old version or a new version (the new and old versions have basically the same method for moping, with only slight differences). The S5.1 that is currently on the market is basically a new version after optimization, retaining the excellent characteristics of S5.1, and optimizing the power amplifier circuit board, using front and rear independent panels, the front stage uses a double-panel process, and the surface is divided into Mitsubishi. M62446 is used as pre-stage electronic volume and equalization processing. Here to tell you a simple way to distinguish:
* Control panel identification: turn on the power switch of the speaker, press the "POWER" button on the front control panel, and then simultaneously hold down the "FUN" and "-" buttons, the version number of the speaker is "VER 220", and at the same time, The main volume adjustment number can reach 80, which is the new version! If the version number of the speaker is "VER 210", and the main volume adjustment number can only reach 40, then it is the old version of S5.1!
* Disassembly identification: Although Irving has not dismantled the old version of S5.1, but based on the exchange of fans and a large number of technical information, I have a certain understanding of the old version. One of the differences is that the old version of the front pole magnified version is red, and the old version is green (see the comparison chart of the new and old versions in Figure 3). This is the simplest method of discrimination by sight; the second difference is that the old version only has 2 transports. The new version has 5 op amps (see the introduction of the motor and op amp for details), which may be a major change in the upgrade of the new version; the third difference is that there are certain differences between the new and old versions of the power amplifier circuit board, such as the old version The large capacitor part is arranged in two rows of four (see Figure 11), while the new version of the large capacitor is arranged in a row of four (see Figure 12).
* About the personal feelings of the new and old versions S5.1: The general differences between the new and old versions are mainly in the internal circuit part, and secondly in the woofer unit (see Figure 16). The new version is much better than the old version in many aspects, and the function and sound quality have been improved to a certain extent, which is obviously better than the old version S5.1. However, in terms of materials, some electronic components of the old version S5.1 are better than the new version due to cost considerations.

1. How to play the motorcycle when you have a fever:

Change the op amp and add sound-absorbing cotton. (Requires a minimum cost of 60 yuan)

(1) Change of op amp.
Replacing the op amp is the most direct and effective method, and also the most economical method.
Operational amplifier is a linear integrated circuit that is widely used, referred to as operational amplifier. The new version of Edifier S5.1 uses a total of 5 NE5532 op amps from Texas, and the old version uses 2 NE5532 op amps. NE5532 was known as "the emperor of op amps" at that time, with a value of about 2-5 yuan / piece. The sound characteristics are generally warm and delicate, with strong driving force, but the treble is slightly rough and the bass is fat. For this, everyone will be very clear after comparing before and after. This is also the main step of playing motorcycle! With the development of technology, more and more high-performance op amps have far exceeded the NE5532. Here Irving recommends that you use OPA2604 and AD827JN (Note: Both are 8-pin in-line, do not use 8-pin patch type. The patch type is mainly used for sound cards), and please replace it with professionals!

1. Op amp recommendation and comparison:
AD827JN: This is a newer product from AD. It was originally designed for video circuits, so its gain bandwidth reaches 50MHZ and SR reaches 300V / us. It is currently the top product of voltage feedback dual op amps on the market. The op amp is hard to see. Its characteristics are: very good extension, high resolution, gorgeous high frequency, pure mid-frequency, low-frequency dive and strength are good, the sound field expands forward and backward, left and right, has a bumpy feeling (this is stronger than other op amps), speed It's fast, dynamic, and feels great. After the initial replacement with this op amp, it really feels refreshing. But after listening for a long time, I also found a lot of problems. 1 Although the three frequency bands and the sound field are very wide, ambitious, and wide open, they always feel that the structure is a bit loose and not tight enough. The 2 vocal parts are general, sometimes dynamic. When the vocals are overwhelmed by the soundtrack, 3 is not delicate enough, which is more than passion and lack of tenderness, and 4 is not musical enough. But many people like this style. Of course, it's okay to buy two films to change the taste. According to my feeling, it should be suitable for watching DVDs on AV amplifiers. In view of the lack of performance in music and the shortcomings of being unbearable, it is recommended that you use it in the low-frequency part of S5.1, which performs well.
OPA2604: OPA2604 is a special op amp specially designed for audio. It has a mellow and round tone, a neutral warmth, and a strong daring taste. It is known as the operational amplifier with the most tube tone. It feels like an upgraded version of 5532. It has been greatly improved in all aspects. It has good resolution, better music taste, and bold taste. The sound floor is relatively thick and a little rigid, and the overall quality is very good. Especially suitable for the performance of music, so I suggest you use it in the main channel part of S5.1.

Picture below: Two op amps (plastic packaging) and op amp sockets
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The packaging of general op amp models is divided into gold seal, ceramic seal and plastic seal. Generally speaking, the quality of gold seal and ceramic seal is better, and the quality of plastic seal is slightly worse, but it is also relatively cheaper. As for how to choose, according to everyone's economic ability. Irving recommends that you choose plastic packaging, after all, S5.1 is not a true HI-FI audio.
Off topic: VIERI, a buddy I met online, can be described as an ashes buddy. I actually used 2 AD827AQs. You should know that the AD827AQ is an op amp, but it is a military product, 99 yuan! Really burning! ! !

2. Replacement method:

* Operational amplifier replacement for the new version S5.1:
The new version V22OA S5.1 has a total of 5 operational amplifiers responsible for the operational amplification of sound, which are distributed on two circuit boards (see Figure 2). Four of them are placed on the front-end circuit board (see Figure 4), and one is placed on the power amplifier circuit board (see Figure 5). Corresponding to the numbers on the two circuit boards, IC101 is the SW, N channel, IC102 is the front left and right channels, IC103 is the rear left and right channels, IC104 is the front and rear center channels. IC501 on the power amplifier board is the bass amplifier channel .
Only one OPA2604 and two AD827JN are needed for the first brother of fever (only 60 yuan if you use disassemble parts). OPA2604 is used in the front left and right channels of IC102, and two AD827JNs are used in the bass channels of IC101 and IC501, respectively.
Moderate audiophiles and above, need 3 OPA2604, 2 AD827JN (if using dismantling parts, 100 yuan). Three OPA2604 replace IC102, IC103 and IC104 respectively, and two AD827JN are used in IC101 and IC501 bass channels respectively.
* Operation amplifier replacement of the old version S5.1:
The S5.1 of the old V210A has only two op amps responsible for the sound op amps, which are also distributed on two circuit boards, one on each circuit board. One on the front-level circuit board is numbered R218 (see the old circuit diagram in Figure 3), and one on the power amplifier circuit board is numbered IC203.
It is relatively simple to replace the op amp in the old version of S5.1. After all, there are only two op amps. This may also be one of the major changes from Edifier S5.1 to V220A. Simply replace the op amp at position R218 with OPA2604 and the op amp at position IC203 with AD827JN.

(Figure 2): S5.1 internal circuit diagram Click here to view pictures in a new window

(Picture 3): Comparison of the difference between the new and old versions of S5.1 preamplifier board (Note: The old version of the circuit board in the figure below has been burned by some fans, and it is not the same as the factory)
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(Figure 4): Op amp after replacement on the previous circuit board Click here to view pictures in a new window

(Figure 5): Operational amplifier after power amplifier circuit board replacement Click here to view pictures in a new window

When replacing, it is recommended that you buy several 8-pin gold-plated op amp sockets, solder the socket directly, and then plug in the op amp (see above). First, to prevent the welding of the expensive op amp from being damaged, and secondly, you can easily plug and unplug the op amp. Compare the styles of different op amps and choose the op amp that suits your hearing.

3. Price and purchase:
These two types of op amps are generally not easy to find. According to Owen, it is extremely difficult to find other places except Guangzhou, and only rely on mail order. Therefore, based on your two purchase experience, we recommend two addresses for mail order:
Fujian Sanming Jingcheng Electrical Operation Department operational amplifier information and price: http: //
Fujian Sanming's sincere op amps are disassembled parts, which are economical and affordable, and can be used with confidence. Their OPA2604 is 14 yuan each, the AD827JN is 20 yuan each, and the express mail fee is 20 yuan.
Shantou Yuanyin Electronics Co., Ltd. operational amplifier information and price: http: //? Id = 84
The operational amplifier of Shantou Yuanyin Electronics is a brand-new piece. Their OPA2604 plastic package is 26 yuan each, AD827JN is 35 yuan each, and the express delivery fee is 30 yuan.
As for whether you choose a brand new part or a disassembled one, it is decided according to your actual situation. Irving recommends that you choose disassembled parts, which are economical and quality guaranteed. Moreover, the original intention of the motorcycle is to spend the least money to play the best sound effects. I have mail-ordered the op amps of the above 2 companies. You can rest assured that you can order by mail order!

(2) Add appropriate amount of sound-absorbing cotton or sponge.
The lack of sound-absorbing cotton in the S5.1 speaker was a major defect. In particular, the bass cotton of the subwoofer is seriously insufficient, causing the bass to be muddy, dull and depressed. Adding an appropriate amount of sound-absorbing cotton can improve some sound quality.
It is recommended that you choose sound-absorbing cotton or 15MM high-density sponge for furniture. Because the sound-absorbing cotton is not easy to find, Owen chose a 15MM sponge, as you can see in the picture of the satellite box with a crossover installed in Figure 8.
The amount of sound-absorbing cotton must be appropriate, and adding more or less is not suitable. How much to install must be repeatedly auditioned until you think it is appropriate, please believe your own ears!

Second, mild fever and rubbing method:

Change the divider by two. (A minimum additional cost of 40-100 yuan is required)

1. Selection of frequency divider.

It is recommended to use the Jiaxun L-280 two-frequency divider (see Figure 6). The well-received L-280 produced by Jiaxun Audio has solid materials, beautiful packaging, and a crossover frequency of 3300Hz. Jiaxun L-280 genuine two crossovers per box. Due to price differences in different regions, the selling price is generally 30-45 yuan per box (2 packs). If it exceeds 45 yuan, then you have run into JS (profit maker). I bought it at JS for 55 yuan / 2 only, but later I learned its real price in Wuhan. Qualified friends can also choose high-end crossovers produced by big factories such as Huiwei. Website of Jiaxun L-280 manufacturer: http: //

(Figure 6): Jiaxun L-280 outer packaging and component diagram
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Click here to view pictures in a new window

Click here to view pictures in a new window

2. Replacement method.
See Figure 7 and Figure 8 for details:
* Remove the 4-inch midrange unit with a screwdriver on the satellite box (no need to remove the tweeter), and weld the midrange unit from the connection;
* Solder down the red capacitor that was originally used for frequency division (see Figure 9 for capacitor pattern);
* Sold down the first connection of the lower right to the tweeter;
* Connect the reserved wire, the gold wire is connected to the input positive of L-280, and the silver wire is connected to the negative;
* The tweeter unit is connected to the gold wire and the positive electrode, and the silver wire is connected to the negative electrode, corresponding to the tweeter part of Jiaxun 280;
* Find another connection for the woofer, which is soldered to the mid-range part of Jiaxun 280 as above.
* Because the welded frequency divider is not easy to be fixed in the box, it is recommended to lay a layer of sound-absorbing cotton on the bottom of the box, and place the frequency divider directly on the sound-absorbing cotton to prevent vibration noise (see Figure 8).

(Figure 7): Frequency-divided capacitor and welding method before beating
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(Figure 8): Two frequency divider after playing
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3. The sound effect change after installing the crossover:
After installing the crossover, the treble and midrange of the satellite box are completely separated, and the sound quality is completely new. It solves the problem of S5.1 turbid sound quality, ambiguous separation of high and low sound, and no layering.
The first brother of fever only needs to replace the frequency divider of the main satellite box, one box (2 pcs) is required.
For fans with moderate fever or more, you can add a frequency divider to all 5 satellite boxes.

3. Moderate fever and rubbing:

Replace the filter capacitor. (An additional minimum cost of 48 yuan is required)

The main purpose is to replace the original two 4700UF / 50V and two 4700UF / 35V capacitors (see Figure 9) with 10000UF / 50V or 10000UF / 63V large capacitors (see Figures 14 and 15); if you want better sound quality, you can Connect a small capacitor of 0.1UF / 50V or 0.1UF / 63V in parallel with each large capacitor (see Figure 12). If it is not too much trouble, this step can be done by yourself.

(Figure 9): Various components replaced. The upper row is 4 large capacitors
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1. Selection and mail order of capacitors:
A total of 4 large capacitors of 10000UF / 50V or 10000UF / 63V and 4 small capacitors of 0.1UF / 50V or 0.1UF / 63V are required. It is recommended that you choose brand-name capacitors.
For large capacitors, please choose:
* At present, the best capacitor in the world is ELNA high-speed supplement capacitor, which has the best quality and is recognized as the most enthusiastic capacitor. Each price is 33-48 yuan. Soundtrack has a mail order: http: //? Page = 8 & id = 57
* Japanese ruby ​​capacitors, each price 15-20 yuan. Original Audio Electronics has mail order: http: //? Id = 61
* Nichicon capacitors are priced at 13.5 yuan each. Soundtrack Electronics has mail order: http: //? Id = 64
* General-purpose ELNA capacitors are priced at 21 yuan each. Soundtrack has a mail order: http: //? Page = 3 & id = 65
* Nissan capacitors are 8 yuan each. Soundtrack has a mail order: http: //? Page = 2 & id = 67
Please choose the small capacitor:
* ERO polypropylene capacitor, 0.70 yuan each. Soundtrack has a mail order: http: //? Page = 2 & id = 71
* Wimar (WIMA) polypropylene capacitors, each price 0.10-0.20 yuan. Soundtrack has a mail order: http: //? Page = 2 & id = 69
Owen's location can only find the capacitors of Japan Chemical, the world's largest capacitor production and sales company, so I chose Japan Chemical's 4 capacitors of 10000UF / 63V for 12 yuan each. Fortunately, this capacitor is 105 degrees Celsius, AUDIO (audio) dedicated electrolytic capacitor, the effect is also good. With a 0.1UF / 50V small capacitor, Irving couldn't find a famous brand in the local area, and he was too lazy to mail order again, so he had to connect it with an ordinary small capacitor (not a good brand, a heart attack). The welding of large and small capacitors is done by the Owen people themselves (for 15 yuan to buy a soldering iron), so the welder is very poor, everyone should not laugh. Especially for the welding of small capacitors, I didn't know at first that the two long feet were fully pressed and then welded, so one of the feet appeared to be particularly long. ^ _ ^ But it is also a great fun to do it yourself.
Special note: A friend asked me if I could connect a 0.1UF / 50V small capacitor in parallel with a 10000UF / 63V large capacitor, would it burn the circuit? For this, I give you a positive answer: No matter whether you choose 50V or 63V, as long as there are 4 same large capacitors, you can connect 4 same small capacitors of 50V or 63V in parallel. That is, a 50V large capacitor can be connected in parallel with a 50V or 63V small capacitor, and a 63V large capacitor can also be connected in parallel with a 50V or 63V small capacitor, which will not cause any problems and will not burn the circuit.
Off-topic: Owen asked the friend of QQ named Dream Forest for his enthusiastic help when consulting the S5.1 experience on the Internet. He made me understand the problem of installing large capacitors through external connection. When he installed the capacitors, he bought a total of 6 Japanese 10000UF / 50V Japanese ruby ​​capacitors. When the professionals were asked to install, it happened that the installers were also fans. The original plan was to install 4 of them. , The result is 6 large capacitors welded, strong! (See Figure 10)

(Figure 10): Old S5.1 internal circuit diagram and 6 large capacitors replaced by fans
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2. Replacement method of capacitor:
On the S5.1 power amplifier circuit board (the largest one), you can find 4 black capacitors. It is easy to find, and the four largest ones are (see Figure 9). The new version of S5.1 has four large capacitors arranged side by side. As shown in Figure 12, the roots of the small capacitors can also clearly see the traces of the original large capacitors closed with hot melt. The large capacitor of the old version S5.1 is arranged in 2 rows and 4 squares (see Figure 11).

(Figure 11): The old version of the power amplifier circuit board and large capacitor arrangement
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(Picture 12): The new version S5.1 arranges the position of the large capacitor welded and the small capacitor connected in parallel
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The specific replacement steps are:
* Solder 2 capacitors of 4700UF / 50V and 2 capacitors of 4700UF / 35V; (see Figure 9)
* Weld a small capacitor of 0.1UF / 50V-63V at the original capacitor position; (see Figure 12 and Figure 13)
* Because the capacitor of 10000UF is too big to fit in the circuit board, it cannot be soldered directly. It is necessary to solder 4 wires on the back circuit board first, and use the gold and silver wires of the speaker. Then connect the positive and negative capacitors at the other end of the gold and silver wires! (See Figure 13, Figure 14)
* To prevent the capacitor connector and the wire from contacting and short-circuiting, wrap all the capacitors with insulating tape (see Figure 15)
* When placing and installing, put it directly in the empty space of the cabinet, and then restore the rear cover. (See Figure 2)

(Figure 13): The large and small capacitors are welded separately on the front and back
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(Picture 14): Weld the connection on the back first, then connect the large capacitor
Click here to view pictures in a new window

(Figure 15): 4 Japanese chemical capacitors wrapped with tape
Click here to view pictures in a new window

3. The sound effect change after replacing the capacitor:
The small capacitor is connected to the large capacitor in order to improve the resolution of high frequency and make the sound more transparent. The increase in capacitance mainly makes the vocals more mellow and the bass more compact and powerful! Greatly solved the problem of S5.1 bass muddy and loose!

Fourth, ashes and fever rubbing method:

Replace the speaker unit (minimum cost is 196 yuan)

The speaker unit is the soul of the whole speaker, and it is more related to the quality of the whole speaker. It can be said that the quality of the speaker unit determines 80% of the quality of the entire speaker, which is no exaggeration. However, taking the replacement of the speaker unit as one of the means of smashing S5.1, many friends are opposed and think that it is better to buy the box again after losing the meaning of smashing. For this, Irving does not advocate that everyone should change the speaker unit, so it is included in the ashes of the ashes, and it provides some reference for those who still have a high fever after completing all S5.1.
Strictly speaking, the quality of the speaker unit of the Edifier S5.1 is fairly good, with good performance. In general, the treble is not bad, and Irving did not provide a recommendation for treble. The midrange is not delicate enough. If you have a pair of gold ears and enough meters, you can consider replacing them. Especially recommended is the replacement of the bass unit, because as the soul part of S5.1, its bass performance is not satisfactory. Insufficient dynamics, insufficient dive, etc. are recognized by everyone. There is also its 4 inch midrange and 8 inch bass and its difficult to cook, the box is still unsatisfactory for quite some time, it is still half-baked. After Irving replaced the Hivi 1 pair of 4-inch S4N midrange and Hivi 1 8-inch SS8II bass, the good unit is the good unit, and it will perform well without burning the box.

(Figure 16): Comparison of the new and old version S5.1 eight-inch woofer
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(1) Subwoofer adopts Hivi SS8II

It is recommended to replace the HiVi SS8II to replace the original Edifier S5.1 unit. The rated impedance is 5Ω, the resonance frequency is 32Hz, the rated power is 80W, the maximum power is 160W, the sensitivity (2.83v / 1m) is 90dB, and the vibration quality reaches 29.5g. The power parameters and outer ring size are consistent with the Edifier bass, and the screw mounting holes are also the same, which can be directly replaced without any changes!
It is recommended that before replacing the unit, you must find suitable audition music, and listen to it repeatedly, remember the characteristics of the original Edifier bass unit, and then compare the sound effect after replacement. Here Irving recommends "Yanhuang First Drum" as the best bass audition music, but this music is extremely difficult to download. Or look for the easy-to-find "Huiwei Audition", and probably the seventh song is a snippet of "Drum Poetry" from the best part of "Yanhuang First Drum". It is recommended that you download the APE format. You can find a sharp contrast between the sound effects and dynamics before and after the replacement.
High sensitivity and large vibration are the main features of SS8II. After installing the Hivi SS8II, Irving felt that the dynamics were violent, rigid and soft, far from comparable to the Edifier unit. Put your hand 10-15 cm away from the unit, you can feel the shock of sound waves, and you can also see the strong and regular vibration of the woofer, which is unmatched by the previous unit. It is recommended that owners of S5.1 with a listening environment of less than 15 square meters may not consider replacing the unit, because their dynamics are suffocating and will make people feel uncomfortable.

(Figure 17): HiVi eight-inch woofer SS8II
Click here to view pictures in a new window

(Figure 18): Hivi SS8II replaced by Irving
Click here to view pictures in a new window

(Figure 19): Hivi SS8II replaced by Shaoyou VIERI
Click here to view pictures in a new window

Hivi SS8II is priced at 196 yuan, and can be mail-ordered at the manufacturer. Detailed information: http: //? Id = 211
Shaoyou also recommends replacing the HiVi SS8IIR woofer with better anti-magnetic properties. However, some Shaoyou said that the S5.1 seems to be unable to drive, and said that the technical parameters of the SS8IIR on the HiVi website are different, so it cannot be driven. Irving did not compare or verify this, so I cannot give you a clear opinion. There are also Shaoyou who think that the unit of the South Whale is also acceptable, but Owen thinks that the South Whale is far worse than Huiwei. For the soul part of S5.1, I suggest you to do some work, you will get a lot!

(2), 4 inch Alto replacement Hivi S4N or Hivi B4N

1.Huiwei S4N
Hivi S4N rated impedance 8Ω, resonance frequency 68Hz, rated power 20W, maximum power 40W, sensitivity (2.83 / 1M) 86dB, vibration quality 5.2g. The official price of Huiwei S4N is 120 yuan each. Manufacturer information: http: //? Id = 242

(Figure 20): Hivi S4N midrange unit
Click here to view pictures in a new window

(Figure 21): Hivi S4N midrange unit replaced by Irving
Click here to view pictures in a new window

2. Hivi B4N
Hivi B4N rated impedance 8Ω, resonance frequency 56Hz, rated power 25W, maximum power 50W, sensitivity (2.83v / 1m) 85dB, vibration quality 6.8g. Hivi B4N official price is 146 yuan each. Manufacturer's information: http: //? Id = 258

(Figure 22): Hivi B4N midrange unit
Click here to view pictures in a new window

(Figure 23): Hivi B4N midrange unit replaced by Shaoyou VIERI
Click here to view pictures in a new window

For choosing S4N or B4N, Irving did not buy B4N for comparison. Consult the AWEN, the soul character of the BBS technology and the master of the rambler, and think that the 20W power of the S4N is more suitable for the power of the amplifier of the rambler. The 25W power of the B4N unit is a little too large, and Owen feels that the color of the S4N black unit is more coordinated with the overall tone , And the golden color of the B4N unit is not consistent, so I chose S4N.
For the choice of S4N and B4N, you can decide for yourself, because the size of the outer ring is exactly the same, there is no problem in installation. There is absolutely no problem in the promotion of S5.1, because several fans who met with Irving used S4N and B4N, and the response is good! Mainly depends on everyone's preferences.

Written at the end: After 4 days of writing and sorting, and continuously adding materials and pictures, I finally completed the article "Owen Talking about S5.1". As a gradual feverish fan, I know the feeling of feverish fans, especially can understand the pain of suffering from ignorance after the fever and can not start, because the author Owen experienced this. In order to play S5.1, Owen frantically consulted all the materials available on the Internet, and also consulted countless masters of motorbike. He also met many like-minded fans and got a lot of support and help! It is these precious experiences that have accumulated the experience of playing motorcycles. Although it also took some detours, it also successfully completed S5.1's full ride. In view of the fact that there is no comprehensive and thorough technical information on S5.1 motoring, Owen has decided to organize this article and dedicate it to those who have fever! If you still have any questions, you can contact Irving via EMLL :, or QQ: 1438800 (please indicate S5.1 burner when passing verification), and I will try my best to help you as much as I can!
Irving's writing this article is not ostentatious, nor love display. I believe many friends have more profound knowledge than me, but I have no time to take care of it. And Owen happened to have more free time recently, and had the energy to collect and organize; happened to be a journalist, with a certain amount of writing skills; and happened to understand some graphics processing, knowing simple picture design; and also happened to be the main moderator of a website, and uploaded pictures Permissions and space. . . . . . So this document is for everyone! I hope this article can give you some reference and help! I wish you all a good time! success!

Irving on January 19, 2005
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A new experience of true wireless
Automatic seconds connection, can be used with headphones

Professional sound engineering technology
Case Cube/acoustic clear sound reproduction
customized stainless steel acoustic structure, high quality grahene hoop system and obvious environmental noise attenuation will open up a pleasant journmey journey for you to enjoy the sound.
Built-in microphone/ Effective noise reduction/ Clear call/ Easy to carry

Sports can't be abandoned more freely
Close ergonomic design, close to the ear, even wearing for a long time can also enjoy comfortable experience.
And can form a triangular stable support with the ear, even if running and riding, vigorous fitness is still close to the ears, wildly shake off.

Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Earbuds,True Wireless Earbuds,Wireless In Ear Gaming Headset,Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Guangzhou HangDeng Tech Co. Ltd ,

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