An integrated platform for digital TV and multimedia data transmission based on the Guangzhou Power Grid

An integrated platform for digital TV and multimedia data transmission based on the Guangzhou Power Grid, Beijing Digital Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Minyi, Foreword,
At present, the digitalization of satellite TV in China has been basically completed, and all national TV stations and the vast majority of provincial stations have completed the transmission of digitalization. The digitalization of cable TV has been started for 2 years. At present, 20% of provincial and important cities have started trial operation of digital TV, or have the conditions for digital broadcast transmission. In terms of open terrestrial television, it is expected that China ’s own standards will be issued at the end of the year.
After broadcasting operators and network operators complete the digital transformation of their networks, the next task is how to use the advantages of digital TV networks to bring new value-added services and attract more customers to increase business income.
Here, the author talks to this seminar about the understanding of digital TV multimedia data transmission and recommends the French Thales (THALES) company's data value-added service platform designed for the power grid.
Second, the characteristics of the French Thales (THALES) multimedia data platform
--- Compatibility with multiple data
--- The platform can transmit IP multicast data (MulTIcast) and unicast data (Unicast)
--- Carousel of interactive TV data, for example: OPEN TV, MEDIA HIGHWAY files, MHP JAVA and HTML applications
--- Processing and playback of PSI / SI forms, EPG playback of electronic program guide
--- Play of various private data, SECTION, EMM, DATA CAROUSEL, etc.
--- Support multiple data broadcasting applications
--- High-speed Good Internet access
--- Mass file distribution
--- Website backup
--- Real-time interactive TV data transmission
--- Data TV audio and video streaming service
--- Distance education, telemedicine, etc.
--- Supports multiplexing with digital TV programs and independently manages PSI / SI table information
--- Perfect data broadcasting bandwidth optimization and quality of service (QoS) management Support fixed guaranteed bandwidth, variable guaranteed bandwidth and purely variable bandwidth data transmission modes, which can be used to replace random data inserted into empty packets during the multiplexing process of TV programs technology.
--- Equipped with streaming media and file transmission broadcast control server, OPEN STREAM integrated broadcast control transmission of IP content
--- Equipped with interactive TV content broadcast control server, SYNSPSE, integrated transmission of interactive TV applications
--- Real-time monitoring of local or remote program content, channel content and system parameters
--- Perfect data flow monitoring and charging management system III. Structure of multimedia data platform of Thales, France

THALES data platform system block diagram The above figure is the general block diagram of the THALES data platform. The connection between the system equipment is divided into an Ethernet interface and an ASI interface. The interface between the IP protocol multimedia data and digital TV equipment uses Ethernet, and the multimedia data packet is converted afterwards Into a transport stream, the ASI interface is used to connect with other digital TV equipment.
--- OPEN STREAM is an IP data content server, which is responsible for the integration of multicast and unicast streaming media and file server content, programming channel programming, and bandwidth optimization.
--- SYNAPSE is an interactive TV application content server, which receives applications from a variety of interactive application development software (AUTHORING TOOL), manages MHP, OPEN TV and MEDIA HIGHWAY various middleware content
--- EMM and ECM encrypted information servers come from a third-party conditional access (CA) provider, and use IP and the scrambler built in the multiplexer to connect with the same password (SIMULCRYPT) EMM and ECM information.
--- OPAL IP / DVB gateway realizes the function of encapsulating IP data to MPEG2 transport stream, and transmits IP content through DVB channel. It is equipped with ASI input and can multiplex IP data with TV programs.
--- CORAL interactive TV application broadcast control server can play multiple interactive TV applications at the same time: MHP, OPEN TV and MEDIA-HIGHHWAY and private middleware applications are packaged into the digital TV transport stream (TS) and transmitted through the DVB broadcast channel , It is equipped with ASI input, which can multiplex data with real-time TV programs.
--- JADE DVB-SI information processor, which can generate and process NIT, SDT, EIT and BAT forms. Because it is equipped with ASI real-time input, it can also extract SI information from real-time digital TV programs and mix it with other SI information. After broadcast.
--- OPAL IP / DVB gateway, CORAL interactive TV broadcast control server, and JADE SI generator are equipped with ASI real-time TV program input, and have the function of multiplexing with data, independently manage PSI / SI forms, can be directly entered In order to add more ASI input to the transmission of the broadcasting network, we can also add a multiplexer AMBER at the end. At the same time, it has a built-in DVB scrambler, which can be integrated with 4 kinds of CA through the SIMUL CRYPT.
The following introduces each part of the system in detail. 4. OPEN-STREAM IP data content integration server
4.1 Overview The OpenStream multimedia content management and delivery platform of France Thales (THALES) is a unique software platform for video multicast server and multicast data delivery server. It can also provide advanced quality of service (QoS) and bandwidth management. Its three main functions are summarized as follows:
.Manage Multicast Streaming Media Based on IP Network
.Content integration of multicast sources such as video streaming and mass media
.Produce electronic program guides for users to receive multimedia service content
4.2 Main features
.Management of video streaming server and content distribution server
.Multicast content integration and transmission
.Broadcast Plan Management
.IP stream quality of service management and bandwidth allocation control
.Excellent graphical man-machine interface facilitates parameter configuration and monitoring
.Unique automatic network upload traffic analysis function
. Built on the basis of open standards, can be smoothly embedded into existing systems
4.3 Various content integration functions
.Support multiple multicast sources
OpenStream is designed based on open standards. It supports and is compatible with the products of many famous companies in the world. It provides seamless integration with existing network systems. Various streaming media servers managed and controlled by OpenStream include:
. Thales Multicast File Transfer Server It is a flexible and reliable software system for transferring a large number of files to authorized users. It conforms to the IETF standard RTF protocol to ensure that no data is lost. The main features are as follows:
-Reliable transmission coding protocol with forward error correction (FEC)
-File compression and packaging functions
-Encryption algorithm using 64-bit public key
-Enhanced management of backhaul connections using ACK and NACK to ensure data reception and obtain a list of receiving devices
-Advanced file distribution mode: hot folder, file loop playback and sub-directory mirroring
. Thales ARGOS MPEG4 real-time encoder It is a powerful stand-alone integrated MPEG4 real-time encoder, it conforms to MPEG4 ISMA 1.0 standard, supports QCIF, CIF and D1 image formats, with simple timing broadcast control and start encoding The function of the task.
.Microsoft Windows Window Media Service 9
OpenStream can control WMS 9 with advanced functions. Through dynamic bit rate management, bandwidth optimization and quality of service (QoS) control can be performed.
. Simple integration with other third-party multicast equipment suppliers
4.4 Advanced control and monitoring functions
OpenStream can control the streaming media transmission and content distribution as follows:
.Real-time observation of the status of each multicast content and various parameters of the multicast server
.Play, pause and stop operations
.Overall control of bandwidth allocation
4.5 Generation of program channels and management of electronic orders
OpenStream has a powerful multicast program channel generation function. Operators can generate one or more program channels from one or more multicast content. It can even integrate real-time digital TV with its related websites to provide users with enhanced TV. For programs, each program channel managed by OpenStream can perform program preview and electronic order display according to the SAP / SDP standard protocol. OpenStream can collect DVB-SI information and generate XML data to provide electronic program guidance (EPG).
4.6 Quality of service (QoS) strategy and bandwidth management
OpenStream has unique service quality management features:
.Control IP Multicast Signal Source:
--- Dynamically set the transmission rate of the multicast server to ensure the quality of service
--- Time broadcast control settings for each multicast source
.According to the resources on the network, it controls the flow of unicast and multicast content transmitted to achieve quality of service. It can provide the following three bandwidth allocation modes:
--- Fixed guaranteed bandwidth mode, using fixed rate transmission
--- Variable guaranteed bandwidth mode, using the lowest and highest rate transmission window
--- Variable bandwidth mode, using adaptive rate transmission according to the remaining bandwidth. By setting the bandwidth mode and priority of each program channel, different programs can be dynamically multiplexed in the total bandwidth of the network.
4.7 Timing broadcast control function
OpenStream can provide regular broadcast control functions for real-time TV programs and stored TV programs. Through its intuitive and friendly interface, different content in different program channels can be automatically played according to time (day or week).
4.8 Powerful graphical man-machine interface
OpenStream's graphical human-machine interface can display all input multicast content in real time, and perform efficient parameter configuration and monitoring. What it shows is as follows:
.Network upstream data traffic and bandwidth usage
.Monitoring of Multicast Signal Source
. Quality of Service (QoS) Policy Settings
.Timed broadcast control of multicast content
.Application interface function (API) using TCP / IP communication protocol allows users to operate and control OpenStream.
4.9 Browser on PC receiving end All content sent by OpenStream can be received and viewed through standard multimedia browsing players, such as Windows Media Player and WEB browsing player.
In order to appreciate the advanced and powerful functions of OpenStream, we recommend using the EyeStream universal multimedia browser developed by Thales, which can simultaneously play digital audio and video, graphics and text formats commonly used in the market. Browser information.
5. SYNAPSE interactive TV data content integration server
5.1 Overview
SYNAPSE establishes a security gateway between operators and third-party interactive content providers through an automated system on the Internet. It allows multiple interactive TV application providers to share the same network without sacrificing security .
With the rapid growth of interactive TV services, broadcast operators hope to have one that can manage complex content, can fine-tune the content, can edit and broadcast on time, can open interactive TV content and can play local content Platform, SYNAPSE is a product that can accomplish many of the above functions. It can play multiple data formats at the same time, such as: MHP, OPEN TV, MEDIA HIGHWAY, OCAP, SSV and private data. SYNAPSE of THALES Company builds the following interactive TV system Ideal tool.
--- An automated, secure content management system for digital TV interactive applications
--- Centrally managed, intranet-based system for distributing interactive broadcast applications
--- User-oriented open-level management system for digital TV interactive applications
--- An efficient mechanism for opening local interactive applications
--- SYNAPSE can build a universal multicast interactive TV multiplexing platform based on THALES CORAL interactive TV player.
5.2 Main features:
Support multiple interactive TV data formats: MHP, OPEN TV MEDIA HIGHWAY, OCAP, SSU, simple operation and integration and private data. Multiple interactive applications. Interactive TV applications. Secure access to third-party vendors. The bandwidth optimization function of the digital front end is convenient and accurate. Monitoring function High-security content management and control
Logs and reports in XML file format
5.3 Modular and scalable architecture
SYNAPSE is based on the client / server (CLIENT / SERVER) architecture and can be accessed using JAVA APPELET. Through the XML language, it forms a security gateway with broadcast control functions. It can provide convenient customer reports and use a common open GoodNet. Content upgrade protocol, XML, FTP, HTTP, TCP / IP
5.4 Efficient local and remote management
SYNAPSE is a complete high-level management tool. It can friendly configure, operate and monitor any broadcast server, whether it is a single-item interactive TV server or multiple remote multiple interactive TV application servers. Entering and managing the interactive interactive TV server can save the operating costs of different network operators.
5.5 Powerful broadcast control function The broadcast control change of SYNSPSE interactive TV program application is more intuitive and logical. Any operation using XML open description file will be marked with time, and then processed by SYNAPSE broadcast controller. A simple mechanism and complex broadcast control situation can be decomposed into the following operations: content opening, application start and stop, application state modification, bandwidth redistribution, etc.
5.6 Super security
The open-level mechanism provided by SYNAPSE is securely connected to the FTP interface. The CORAL interactive TV player guarantees the seamless broadcast of interactive TV applications. Its security is reflected in:
Distributed, hot backup, FTP security server, security dedicated database and CORAL interactive TV application player data integrity before the opening of the unique security testing of customer use and monitoring access rights to ensure the broadcast front-end structure for interactive TV content Providers are unknown, they cannot enter directly.
5.7 Supported interactive TV data formats
--- OCAP
--- OPEN TV private data (SECTION, TS file)
--- MEDIA HIGHWAY digital audio and video transmission stream VI, OPAL IP / MPEG2 digital TV gateway OPAL series IP / MPEG2 gateway of France Thales (THALES) company is the latest design, based on 2RU independent embedded platform, which provides Unmatched reliability, it is a successful high-performance model. It enables broadcast operators to perform diverse data services through digital satellite TV, cable TV and open-circuit television networks. It complies with DVB standards and ATSC standards.
6.1 Main features
.2RU design of compact and compact independent embedded platform
.IP packaging according to DVB or ATSC standard
.Can handle ultra high performance up to 160Mbps IP packets
.Set basic parameters through the friendly interface on the front panel LCD screen
. Powerful IP filtering protocol management
.Unique automatic network upstream traffic analysis
. Fully manage PSI, SI or PSIP forms
.Using patented OpTIMux. Technology for bandwidth optimization management
.IP layer encryption technology options
.1 + 1 hot backup and N + 1 hot backup management
.Cooperate with OpenStream, the multimedia content distribution system of Thales to complete the end-to-end IP broadcasting solution
6.2 Super IP / MPEG2 packaging performance
OPAL IP / DVB gateway can provide a series of 10Mbps, 40Mbps, 80Mbps and 160Mbps packaging rate according to different needs of customers to optimize customer investment budget.
6.3 Unmatched reliability The newly designed 2RU embedded structure can reduce equipment maintenance and failures, and improve reliability. On this basis, 1 + 1 and N + 1 hot backup can also be achieved, completely solving the stability and reliability of the system.
6.3 Enhanced IP encapsulation protocol
OPAL IP / DVB gateway is one of the most efficient packaging devices on the market. It can handle multiple packaging protocols at the same time:
.Data Piping
.Data Streaming
.DVB MPE multi-protocol packaging (European standard)
.ATSC Addressable Sections (American Standard)
.JSAT (Japanese Standard)
In addition, OPAL IP / DVB gateway is also equipped with a powerful MAC address management system, which can set the MAC address through SNMP, API, file or human-machine interface.
6.4 Various remote parameter configuration and monitoring methods.
.Configure and monitor the IP, DVB and ATSC parameters of the gateway through the Ethernet port, using a friendly man-machine interface. At the same time, it can also analyze the traffic of the IP network.
.Through TCP / IP protocol, use device application interface function (API) for parameter configuration and monitoring
.Configure and monitor device parameters through SNMP monitoring protocol
. Managed by Thales's network management system LAZULITE, the log file contains all errors and warnings
6.5 Local front panel parameter configuration and monitoring
The OPAL IP / DVB gateway is equipped with an LCD front panel. Through the front panel keyboard, simple parameter settings, IP flow monitoring and alarm information can be displayed.
6.6 Powerful IP protocol filtering function.
For each PID, the OPAL IP / DVB gateway has the following filtering functions:
.IP source address and terminal address filtering
.MAC source address and terminal address filtering
.TCP, UDP and other protocol types filtering
.TCP and UDP source port and terminal slogan filtering
.Other IP protocol filtering
.Other service type filtering
6.7 Random data insertion
OPAL IP / DVB gateway supports OptiMux. Patented technology, which can insert IP data into the empty packets of digital TV channel audio and video for dynamic multiplexing. With this technology, operators can manage the service quality of each data service, provide fixed guaranteed bandwidth services, variable guaranteed bandwidth services and purely variable bandwidth services. They can also control the flow of multicast servers to ensure that there is no data lost.
6.8 The dynamic multiplexing bandwidth management of the virtual channel can divide each physical bandwidth into multiple virtual bandwidths, and multiple programs or PIDs can be transmitted within each virtual bandwidth, and these programs or PIDs can be based on priority (0 ~ 99 ) For dynamic reuse.
6.9 Ethernet encapsulation protocol
OPAL IP / DVB gateway can realize the connection between Ethernet bridge and multiple LANs through MPEG2 digital TV network. Support DVB MPE and ATSC Addressable Sections agreement.
6.10 UDLR backhaul protocol
OPAL IP / DVB gateway also supports UDLR backhaul protocol to manage the generation of DTCP greeting information and GRE bridge information.
6.11 MPEG2, DVB and ATSC form management
OPAL IP / DVB gateway complies with DVB and ATSC standards, and can support the following table:
.MPEG2 standard PSI PAT, CAT and PMT
.DVB standard SI table: NIT, SDT and TDT
.ATSC standard PSIP table: MGT, VCT and STT
6.12 Input and output interface
.Up to 6 10 / 100M Ethernet ports
.Up to 160Mbps IP packet transmission rate
.Enter 50 different IP packets at the same time
.ATM network card and dry trillion network card options
.Real-time ASI input and random data insertion options
.Up to 160Mbps digital TV ASI stream output seven, CORAL interactive TV broadcast control server
7.1 Overview
The CORAL interactive TV player enables real-time multiplexing to enable broadcast operators to efficiently create and monitor interactive TV value-added services. The asynchronous interactive data that it can process is as follows:
. Transport stream and Section files: including various TS streams and Section files (for example: video files, OpenTV. Files, MPEG2, DVB and ATSC forms and private data.)
.MHP carousel data: all object carousel files (Object Carousel) that conform to the DVB-MHP standard
.MediaHighway. Middleware data: including interactive data sent via LAN TCP / IP protocol
.DVB co-secret interface data: includes all files from LAN Section and TS streams that conform to the DVB co-secret interface protocol (such as private data generator and EMM generator)
7.2 Main features
. Real-time insertion and deletion of interactive TV applications in TV program channels
. At the same time support MHP, Open TV. And MediaHighway. And other interactive TV applications, and equipped with the same secret interface to insert private middleware or data
. Real-time multiplexing TS stream, Section file, MHP carousel file, MediaHighway. Data and Section data conforming to the same secret agreement
.Comply with DVB and ATSC standards, support Thales OptiMux. Patented technology, optimize bandwidth management
.Manage PSI, SI and PSIP forms
.Intuitive and friendly graphical man-machine interface, convenient for parameter setting and monitoring
.Provide application interface function (API) to facilitate personalized application
.Support SNMP remote network management protocol
.Compatible with Thales Digital Front-end Network Management System LAZULITE
7.3 Advanced software structure and environment
The CORAL interactive TV server is based on the OpenMux. Software technology environment. OpenMux. Is a powerful multiplexer core that can receive single program transmission (SPTS), multi-program transmission stream (MPTS), private data, IP packets, PSI, SI And PSIP forms, etc. The code stream output after multiplexing conforms to DVB and ATSC standards. CORAL is a server end built on the client / server architecture.
7.4 Excellent graphical man-machine interface facilitates parameter configuration and monitoring
.CORAL is equipped with a friendly and intuitive parameter configuration and monitoring interface, which not only can be operated locally, but also can be controlled remotely
.The interface can display MPEG2, DVB and ATSC parameters and can provide a detailed description of the interactive TV application in the real-time multiplexing process
.Provide application interface function (API) through TCP / IP protocol
.Can be controlled by SNMP network management protocol
.Compatible with LAZULITE of Thales Digital TV Front-end Network Management System
7.5 Powerful interactive TV broadcast management
.Interactive TV application files can be played once or loop
.File Name Polling upgrade mode: When there is a new file in the specified subdirectory, CORAL automatically stops playing the existing file and starts playing the new file
.Stamped Polling upgrade mode: CORAL can play the upgrade file from the specified time
.Comprehensive MPEG2, DVB and ATSC form management
.CORAL fully complies with MPEG2, DVB and ATSC standards
. Simultaneously play 50 channels of interactive TV applications and their supporting MPEG2-PSI forms (PAT, PMT), DVB-SI forms (NIT, SDT), ATSC-PSIP forms (MGT, VCT, SST)
7.6 Optimization of random data insertion bandwidth
CORAL supports OptiMux. Patented technology. It can enable interactive TV application data to be inserted into digital TV audio and video. With this technology, broadcast operators can use three modes: fixed guaranteed bandwidth, variable guaranteed bandwidth and variable bandwidth to send interactive TV data to meet the needs of different users. The demand for quality.
7.7 Input and output interface
.Can support up to 50 interactive TV applications
.Real-time ASI digital TV stream input, random data insertion and multiplexing
.DVB ASI digital TV transmission stream 40Mbps output eight, JADE DVB-SI form information server
8.1 Overview
JADE is a cost-effective server for generating digital TV service information and program channel guidance. This information can be used in both broadcast networks and broadband IP network environments, called JADE BROADCAST and JADE BROADBAND
. Simultaneously supports simultaneous transmission of multiple sets of SI information and PID re-mapping function
.SI table loop setting
.XML file format supporting SI forms
. Simultaneous extraction of SI tables in up to 4 ASI input transport streams
. Flexible and extensible structure, by adding PCI processing card, support more SI input extraction, more micro image display, more WEB server and more users.
8.2 Main features:
.EIT P / F and SCHEDULE management
.Automatic XML file input and output
.Automatic mini-screen TV program content extraction, display
.EIT form trigger conversion between current event and next event
. Ethernet or ASI transport stream (TS) electronic program list output
.HTTP remote monitoring
.Simple and convenient operation interface personality modification
.Flexible and extensible structure
8.3 Remote monitoring and parameter configuration
The JADE electronic single server can be monitored through any remote browser, and even through a 56K telephone modem, with enhanced monitoring capabilities, you can check the low-level binary files from the real-time digital TV signal and the high-level program event playlist
8.4 JADE server system environment

In the above schematic diagram, JADE can extract SI information from the real-time input transport stream, or obtain SI information in the form of XML files from the SI server, process them, and send them to the broadcast network or broadband IP network.
8.5 Input and output interface
. Configure up to 4 ASI inputs, and simultaneously extract SI from 4 transport streams
.1 ASI serial output
. Can provide SI information for 20 multiplexers at the same time, with PID re-mapping function
.Can receive SI information extracted from THALES multiplexer
.HTTP output supports 50 users to use nine at the same time, AMBER digital TV multiplexer
9.1 Overview The AMBER TNM-406X series of digital TV multiplexing processors of THALES in France is the newly developed third-generation product. It is an ideal device for operators to manage digital TV and data services.
The product has excellent performance, competitive price, integrated multiplexing function, DVB-SI information processing function and DVB scrambler function, and is one of the most reliable devices on the market.
9.2 Main features · Adopting 1RU architecture is the most compact MPEG2 multiplexer on the market · Can multiplex 8 channels of ASI and 7 channels of IP / Ethernet-based TS streams · Super PSI, SI table management function · Re-PID and Service ID Mapping, PCR readjustment • Random data insertion, can insert IP data, middleware and other data into the empty packet of the audio and video stream • DVB co-scramble scrambling and fixed password scrambling • Bandwidth optimization and bandwidth overflow prevention function • Input hot backup security management function · Parameter setting via Ethernet or front panel · Powerful and friendly man-machine control and monitoring interface · Compatible with Thales Digital TV Front-end Network Management System LAZULITE
9.3 Random data insertion and bandwidth optimization
The random data insertion function (ODI) of the AMBER multiplexer can optimize the bandwidth of the digital TV repeater. It can use IP data and interactive TV data to fill the empty packets in the remaining bandwidth of digital audio and video, so that every bit in the bandwidth is used. The filling method can be fixed bit rate (CBR) or variable bit rate (VBR) .
9.4 Bandwidth prevention of the output stream When the multi-channel variable bit rate (VBR) digital TV program is input, the operator can set the priority of the program channel. When the total stream rate is too large, overflow occurs, according to each program channel Priority, compress or stop programs with low priority, and ensure that programs with high priority are broadcast normally.
9.5 Digital TV scrambling and conditional access
The AMBER multiplexer can be equipped with a scrambler to achieve integration with the well-known conditional access system in the market. Scrambling methods include: Simulcrypt, fixed key scrambling (Fixed Key, BISS-1, BISS-E), scrambling can be directed to a certain TV program (Service) or a certain component (PID)
9.6 Powerful PSI and SI information processing functions
The AMBER multiplexer supports all MPEG2, DVB standard prescribed forms, as well as some non-standard forms. Make it easy for operators to personalize transmission settings. PSI and SI forms can be inserted through ASI, Ethernet, or files. Used in conjunction with Thales ’JADE SI player, it can also extract SI information from the input transport stream.
9.7 Advanced equipment parameter configuration and monitoring
AMBER can set and monitor the parameters through a standard WEB browser, and is compatible with the Thales digital TV front-end network management system LAZULITE. The parameters can also be configured and monitored through LAZULITE. In addition, it also provides a universal SNMP interface to facilitate integration with third-party devices.
The monitoring of AMBER multiplexer adopts a graphical interface, and the bit rate of all input and output digital TV programs can be observed in real time.
9.8 Dynamic parameter configuration For some reasons, the parameter configuration of the multiplexer will be adjusted or modified, such as adding or deleting some programs. In this case, the user can perform off-line configuration without affecting the original configuration. The edited configuration can be automatically switched under the management of the task manager.
Ten, platform monitoring, testing and diagnosis COBALT IP / MPEG2 data broadcasting real-time analyzer
10.1 Overview The French company THALES COBALT is a high-performance IP / MPEG2 analyzer, which allows digital TV experts to test and calibrate the data broadcasting equipment and the network they design and manufacture. The supplier improves the service quality by monitoring the IP data on the digital TV. This analyzer is the first professional instrument on the market to measure IP data on a digital TV network. It consists of the following three modules:
.IP traffic simulation tester
.Digital TV Transport Stream (TS) Recording and Player
.IP and Ethernet data analyzer
10.2 Main features
. Extensive IP and MPEG2 protocol analysis
.Comply with DVB and ATSC standards
.Analysis and measurement of packaging efficiency
. Real-time IP packet encapsulation to MPEG2 packet and IP packet extraction
.Support UDLR backhaul protocol test
.Built-in TS stream recording and player for package simulation and data collection
.Personalized filter settings and related logs are used for charging applications
10.3 Super test ability
COBALT IP / MPEG2 real-time analyzer, combined with digital TV transport stream (TS) analyzer and Ethernet IP analyzer in one, this unique feature can help users quickly find IP data errors on the digital TV network, it can analyze in real time :
.PID, program channel (Service) broadband monitoring
.Support DVB-MPE, ATSC Addressable Section, Data Streaming, Data Piping and JSAT protocol analysis of many different standards
.Summary menu containing PID traffic and packet characteristics
.Bandwidth optimization and packet efficiency test
.IP packet extraction and storage in the digital TV transmission stream for off-line analysis
.Send IP packet to Ethernet port to provide routing function
.UDLR backhaul protocol DTCP greeting information detection and interpretation
.Multiple filtering mechanism settings enable users to monitor service quality
. Unreferenced PID Mapping
.Provide detailed traffic logs for charge management
10.4 Scope of application
.Simple and fast IP / MPEG2 gateway authentication and acceptance test It obtains the encapsulation efficiency of the gateway by testing the ratio between IP data packets and MPEG2 quantity packets, and can also verify whether the gateway complies with different encapsulation protocols of different standards.
.IP receiver and receiving card production test It can measure the maximum receiving rate of the receiving terminal, the maximum number of frames, separate Section header, missing descriptors, etc. The IP Forward function in the analyzer is compared with the IP packets received by the receiving terminal to find out the difference in test results. The analyzer's built-in transport stream library functions represent different packaging characteristics and are used to test the performance of the receiving terminal.
.IP / MPEG2 network installation and maintenance Establishing an IP / MPEG2 network is a challenge, because the IP / MPEG2 gateway involves two major protocols, digital TV and IP, and the parameter configuration is relatively complicated, so the test of the expected IP flow is everyone's most concerned of. The COBALT IP / MPEG2 real-time analyzer can measure the IP and Ethernet data traffic transmitted in the digital TV broadcast network in real time. Using the analyzer's filtering function, users can confidently measure the flow of a particular data. The COBALT analyzer at the receiving end can accelerate the installation and debugging of the IP receiving terminal.
.Network monitoring and charge management Operators who provide IP services on digital TV networks want to know the quality and quantity of services of each customer. COBALT real-time analyzer can obtain a PID, MAC address and IP through the setting of specific filters The data traffic of the terminal address is stored in the log file as a basis for billing.
11. Monitoring, Testing and Diagnosis of COBALT MHP Real-Time Analyzer
The CORAL MHP real-time analyzer provides a powerful support tool for the broadcast industry through in-depth analysis of interactive TV streams. Combining years of practical experience in measuring instruments and interactive TV, Thales has launched the world's first dynamic real-time MHP analyzer, which can perform syntax and consistency analysis on MHP interactive TV applications.
CORAL MHP is an ideal tool for the development of today's market. It can measure the output of MHP data servers and multiplexers. It can also perform troubleshooting when developing set-top boxes and the time delay of interactive TV applications. MHP's powerful tool.
11.1 Main features
.Real-time analysis of digital TV transmission code stream with MHP interactive TV application
.Complies with DVB-MHP1.1 standard
.Analysis and display of signaling syntax for interactive TV MHP applications
. The Formation and Assembly of Object Carousel
.PID and program stream rate monitoring
.Error message logging
.Transmission stream recording and playback
11.2 Real-time analysis and monitoring function
.AIT table and DSM-CC UN module syntax analysis
.Data Carousel analysis and display
.Object Carousel (Object Carousel) assembly
.Statistical data display
.Uniformity verification analysis
.MHP and OCAP compatibility analysis
. Dynamic Event Assembly
11.3 Playback and recording of transmission stream
The COBALT MHP real-time analyzer has a built-in transport stream recording player, which provides the following functions:
.Real-time code stream collection for non-online AIT, descriptor, DSM-CC information analysis
.Code stream replay for test set-top box
.Built-in duplex function of simultaneous playback / recording, playback / analysis
11.4 Off-line analysis and code stream generation
The COBALT MHP real-time analyzer supports non-online analysis of stored code streams and has the following functions:
.MHP table and descriptor (descriptor) analysis, display and storage
.Analysis, display and storage of DSM-CC information
.Browse of stream components
.MHP form and descriptor editor, multiplexing between DSM-CC Section
11.5 Typical Application
COBALT MHP real-time analyzer can support the following applications:
.MHP set-top box manufacturer
.MHP and OCAP R & D Lab
.MHP Broadcast Solution Testing, Stream Writing, Selection and Verification

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