Good hardware free? Konka TV: not realistic

At present, there are a number of 0-yuan televisions on the market, attracting users with free gimmicks. It seems that there is no need to spend money. Actually, many programs on TV need to pay for viewing. With low prices occupying the market and dumping at any cost, it is not difficult to see that Internet companies have more or less lack of manufacturing power in hardware manufacturing. Once the market suddenly changes, there is no strong technology behind it, and user loyalty will be reduced. Brands are more difficult to survive.
It is unrealistic for good TVs to allow users to take away for free. After all, companies are not profitable. Product R&D and production cannot continue to rely on adequate capital costs, but high-quality content can be freely given to users. For example, after the launch of the Konka TV S8000 series, it won many users' favor and good reputation. The built-in “Easy Education Platform” provides exclusive courses such as “Master of Huanggang”, and it is a logical way to open a learning mode. High-quality hardware and free content, Konka did not disappoint in making TV for years. Even users stated that “We used three sets of TVs in our home Konka TV!”
In the thirty-sixth minute, the appearance of the conscience hardware will be one of the essential focuses for the future home appliance industry. Unlike some brands that did not have substantial breakthroughs in craftsmanship, Konka’s originality made the S8000 series a beautiful family landscape. The exterior design of the fuselage is made of all-metal splicing, with a mirror-cut texture, and the largest direct size is 75 吋. This way, a large tablet TV at home will definitely become the focus, not only greatly improving the overall value of the interior, but also Embodies personal taste.

Of course, good TVs must be “both inside and outside”. Nowadays, many viewers prefer to watch exciting action scenes. However, ordinary TV sets cannot perfectly present the images. Konka’s self-developed MEMC will be known to the user’s appeal. The dynamic insertion frame technology is added to the S8000 series to enhance the picture for the whole game. Whether it is watching a game or a large movie, there will be no problems such as tailing, ghosting, and jitter.

At the same time, the S8000 series is equipped with a high-end HDR screen, which not only effectively enhances the contrast of the picture, restores more details, but also enables the color processing of HDR detail images through Konka's exclusive True Color HDR color wheel engine, making each action possible. Naturally, this is Konka. In addition, the Speed ​​TV S8000 series also penetrated dot matrix backlight technology, users can touch each real scene as if through the TV.

Of course, there is a high-powered processing system for good hardware. For today's television has a variety of features features, the operating speed must have to keep up with, Konka intimate for the S8000 series configuration 64-bit architecture central processor and up to 17 core strong processing The chip, for the system to speed up, whether it is the processing of data or images, or playing games, watching videos and other applications, S8000 series of powerful processors can help the system full speed forward, farewell Caton problem.
Distinguish some of the brand's after-sales service reputation is not satisfactory, vertical and horizontal appliance industry for many years Konka has performed very seriously on the service, Konka TV service outlets throughout the country, including important cities such as Kitahiro Sang even equipped with a complete service team, for the hardware quality Add protection.
Looking at massive content at any time, the free courses of the top courses last year showed that smart TVs have gradually entered the user's line of sight since 2012. After several years of development, the user's use of smart TVs has increased in viscosity, and the viewing time per day has been from the beginning. The two-hour increase to 3.5 hours in 2015 is believed to have extended to a longer time today. At the same time, according to big data forecasts, industry figures last year estimated that TV sales in the domestic market will continue to increase each year from the beginning of 2015. This means that in addition to hardware clearance of good TVs, the diversity of content is also very important. Just as Konka and Tencent Video, which currently have the most abundant resources, join hands - massive programs such as massive dramas and variety shows can be ordered or played back at any time, giving users more enjoyment. TV brings fun.
In addition to creating the perfect home theater for users, the Konka TV S8000 series can also be used as an exclusive learning paradise for children. The exclusive free-of-charge Tsinghua area and the top-level education resources of the famous teacher Huang Gang is not surprising. Users care and love. Once the annual school season has come again, parents no longer have to worry about their children’s education. Children can also learn about their happiness.
The Tsinghua area, the famous teacher Huanggang and other high-quality courses cover preschool education to high school curriculum, including PEP, Beijing Normal University, Jiangsu Education Press, FLTRP, and other major versions, so that children can avoid partial school problems, all subjects can be improved . Master Huang Gang also built a massive original painting class teacher program, so that children have the opportunity to face to face learning with the famous teacher Huang Gang, greatly enhance the interest in learning. There is no need for extracurricular training classes for children after school hours. At home, you will be able to self-study through Konka TV exclusive courses. Children are expected to win at the starting line and parents will save a lot of their hearts.
Good hardware with good content, Konka TV National Day will send gifts

The hardware and content can't be rejected. The S8000 series also attracts users. From now on to October 7th, participating in the "Konka TV, Happy China National Day" campaign, you have the opportunity to get fast TV gift package, 4999 yuan TV deduct red envelopes and other gifts. Konka also teamed up with the Mango Network and the Drop Drops Drive, and sent 10,000 coupons to its customers. At the same time, users who dive on behalf of the Konka TV with the following single page can get a maximum discount of 300 yuan.

"The beauty of the sport has never been seen before." The Konka S8000 series of characters, high-quality hardware, free content, and thirty-six years of operation, the real benefit is still billions of users supporting Konka TV. In the home appliance industry, Konka has always been dedicated to the market. We believe that as long as the product is well-equipped and updated, the company will gradually become better and harder. In the future, Konka will continue to bring more practical and innovative technologies to its users. , so that everyone can enjoy and benefit from Konka TV.

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The Bluetooth App allows users to get the battery performance easily, including

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The UFO Lithium batteries with Bluetooth are available whenever you need them most.

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