20 nuclear 4K game TV cool open 50U2 equivalent content free delivery

At present, the main aspects of Internet TV brand competition are hardware and video content. In addition to the showdown on hardware, whether it's owning a video site or collaborating with content providers, video is the most important content. But this is only the wishful thinking of the Internet TV brand. In fact, with the change of consumer content consumption thinking, the game has become a non-negligible content element and is rapidly playing an important role in the living room entertainment. Not long ago, Cool developed a game TV 50U2, quote 2799 yuan, and sent a number of Hao Li ceremony in the Cool Open orange 919 event, interested friends click into the electricity supplier interface.

Cool open 50U2
Cool open U2 series is equipped with 20 core 64-bit chips, which greatly increase data processing capabilities. 64-bit computing power is twice as much as 32-bit, which is more suitable for processing large-scale game applications. The 20-core + 64-bit combination is a favorite of enthusiast gamers. The combination of GPU+ coprocessors leads to a qualitative leap in game performance. The triangle output rate in the GPU is responsible for building the model. The pixel fill is responsible for the color rendering. In addition, the collocation processing of the co-processor ensures that the picture is completely rendered, and the game experience is rejected due to dropped frames.

Cool open U2 series uses 4K ultra-high-definition screen, together with the original honeycomb matrix backlight, so that the picture quality is more uniform and delicate. The ultimate embodiment of the resolution and picture quality innovation technology is to allow players to have a more immersive sense of immersion when playing games, as if they were in a real game environment. Cool open U2 series equipped with 2GB DDR3 + 8GB eMMC storage space combination, as well as 2TB of extended storage, so that the speed can instantly erupt, is the perfect way to vividly show the details of the game. The surround sound + Dolby decoding + DTS 2.0 sound solution can fully show the direction of each sound source in the game, allowing players to be in a state of shock surrounded by multiple sounds.

Playing games on Internet smart TVs, peripherals are very important, directly affect the coolness of the game experience. Cool open U2 series can almost match all peripheral devices, Beitong Condor handle, "Desert Eagle" pistol, body gun king, etc., are in the hands of the player control. In addition, the cloud games loaded by the U2 series through the cloud platform have already included more than 2,000 games, including only 200 mainframe games, and they are easy to find and use. The perfect match of hardware + game applications, so cool open U2 series is worthy of the game machine.

Cool open 55U2

[Reference price] 2799 yuan
[Dealer] Jingdong

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