The main features and required technologies of next-generation cellular communications on the 5G road

In the past 20 years, mobile phones have achieved explosive growth and become an important part of our daily lives. From the beginning to the end, ARM® is the core part of the mobile phone. While supporting increasingly complex functions, it has been committed to extending battery life through industry-leading low power consumption.

The complexity of smart phones has not yet been fully understood. Generally speaking, smart phones have more than 10 ARM-based processors responsible for processing Touch Screen, sensor processor, positioning, camera, graphics, applications and other functions and growing A large number of connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE.

As the wireless communications industry upgrades for the standardization of next-generation mobile broadband devices, the so-called "5G", this white paper will explore what this means for technology, challenges, and use cases. We will focus on how real-time processors based on ARM Cortex®-R8 will bring us multi-megabit (mulTI-Gigabit) new products, while still taking low power consumption as the core of the design.

Infrared Touch Frame

Light-resistant design ,and support single and muilt touch points,widely use to financial telecom service,Adverstisement show,Industrial control ,public query ,self-service,E-education ,and games etc aera.Ultra-thin, ultra-narrow design, no matter whether it is external or built-in, it can adapt to various needs without affecting the appearance and saving built-in space. Infrared sensing principle, simple finishing, LED die, stable performance, high touch precision and long life.The unique installation method makes the installation of the client a breeze.The surface of the aluminum alloy is sprayed and oxidized, and the whole is delicate, simple, generous and multi-touch. Simple operation, USB connection, plug and play.

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Diy Infrared Touch Frame

Infrared Touch Screen Kit

Install Infrared Touch FrameIr Touch Frame Diy

Usb Infrared Touch ScreenOutdoor Infrared Touch Screen

Diy Infrared Touch Frame,Infrared Touch Screen Kit,Install Infrared Touch Frame,Ir Touch Frame Diy,Usb Infrared Touch Screen,Outdoor Infrared Touch Screen

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