Why is laser TV more eye-safe?

Recently, many people have been discussing the issue of laser television eye protection. This is because the China National Institute of Standardization has specially conducted a special evaluation on the visual comfort of Hisense laser TV. The test data shows that Hisense laser TV has excellent visual presentation. The color vision is accurate, the picture is high in definition, and the visual stimuli is small. It is a display product with good visual comfort. The visual comfort of Hisense's laser TVs is not only better than that of LCD TVs, but it is also superior to paper readings by more than 20%, and the eye protection effect is remarkable. So why is laser TV more eye-safe? Let's take a look at the principle!

Different from the ordinary LCD TV imaging, laser television simulation of nature's principle of reflection imaging is what people see is the screen reflects light, real natural, no radiation, to avoid the traditional glass screen mirror glare and strobe and other issues. Take the example of Hisense, the current leader in laser television. The imaging principle of laser television is to emit laser light from a laser light source, project three colors of light through a color wheel, and image it on a DMD chip, and then project the light through an optical lens and an ultra-short focal lens to reflect light. The mirror is finally irradiated by a mirror on the screen, and then reflected by the screen to form a complete image. Finally, it enters the eyeball of the person and the reflected light is always seen by the human eye. This imaging method is closer to the natural light spectrum and energy distribution, and is more suitable for comfortable viewing by the human eye.

In addition, Hisense laser TV adopts Fresnel passive biomimetic screen, which has the characteristics of anti-ambient light and high gain. It does not have power on itself, can guarantee zero-radiation interference, and has further protection for human eyes.

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