The modular LED table lamp is designed by you.

Many times, we will feel that the lamps in our home are too monotonous, and many creative shapes can not satisfy our own innovative spirit. We always want to follow a new home design according to our own ideas. Don't worry, the latest LED desk lamps can solve this problem for us.

The design team from Canada designed the LED table lamp “Dodecado” (dodecane), which can be combined freely, and the built-in magnet allows users to arrange them in any way possible for a creative lighting experience.

Dodecado table lamps are modular in design. Each module is a dodecahedron. Each module has 15 colors to choose from. The dodecahedron-shaped module has different colors of LEDs and rechargeable batteries. Connected, can be stacked on the power supply base, or can be used separately after being fully charged. It can work continuously for 2.5 hours when fully charged.

Dodecado desk lamps support a wide voltage input of 110V-240V. Due to the use of LED as the light source, Dodecado's environmental performance is also very good, its life can reach 50,000 hours, the production and packaging of the product is also made of recyclable materials, the product can be used for secondary use, as a pen holder and other daily necessities are also good s Choice.

Connection Accessories

These are the accessories that used in connecting cable trays. Like connect shims, fixed hold down plates...

with these accessories,cable trays can be connected stably. We provide all kinds of connectors made in all materials and all size and can meet your needs perfectly.    

connect accessories

Connection Accessories

Cable Tray Connectors,Wireway Horizontal Connection,Cable Tray Separator,Cable Duct

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