LED bulb and spotlight terminal market and consumer analysis

LED spotlights are LED bulbs that emit light that is directional. LED bulbs are light-emitting LED bulbs that are divergent. According to the power, LED bulbs can be divided into: low power (mainly produced by 5mm LED) and high power (mainly 1W, 3W, even 5WLED). ). At the same time, there is also a huge power in the market (for example, 50W LED spotlights), but this has not been tested by the market, and there is no big market.

Among them, low-power LED spotlights, bulbs are the earliest designed and produced LED bulbs, which have been adopted on a large scale, but the quality is not good. These bulbs are mainly sold on foreign retail websites, while high-power LED shots. Lamps and bulbs have been used and promoted on a large scale in the last 2-3 years. Generally, they are much more stable than low-power LED bulbs. As the price of high-power LEDs declines, high-power LED bulbs will become the mainstream. .

Consumer Analysis of LED Bulbs

Generally speaking, in the current LED bulb market, no matter whether it is a manufacturer, a buyer or an end customer, it is not professional enough. Most of them only rely on subjective judgments such as experience or appearance to judge the quality of the product. The appearance of the product is similar. Under the price, the price plays a leading role.

Since the channel effect of the LED market is not obvious now, the current LED bulb purchaser has no obvious feature, that is, any LED product (especially the application product) may purchase LED bulbs. However, the buyer who makes the lighting decoration, The main purchase of LED display , wall washer, guardrail tube and the like, the possibility of buying LED bulbs is not great.

Buyers mainly include distributors, online stores, architectural lighting engineers, and energy-saving system transformations (such customers are also selling solar products). No matter which type of purchaser, they may often receive small projects locally. (For example, a store needs to change LED lights, and a shop window needs to change LED lights).

End consumer and geographic market for LED bulbs

End-users mainly include commercial users represented by retail stores and individual users represented by households. The purchase of commercial users represented by retail stores tends to be completed locally. The purchase of individual users represented by households tends to Completed on the retail website.

According to the regional market analysis, the purchase of LED bulbs should be at most Europe. Secondly, it is North America. The reason is that 1) Europeans are more environmentally conscious and more willing to spend money on energy saving; 2) North American market has higher entry barriers, mainly Because the process of doing UL certification is too cumbersome and expensive, and CE certification is relatively informal. A certificate can be obtained for 1000 yuan in China. There is no unified supervision and inquiry mechanism for CE certification. Certification, where to check. But no one can tell which is legally authorized, qualified CE certification body), so no one can post it by posting a CE mark. So the main market of domestic LED bulb suppliers Basically Europe.

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