LED light bar application at the hotel

The hotel is a temporary haven for tourists and business people. The leisure, comfort and warm environment are the first conditions for guests to stay. In addition to the friendly service of the hotel staff, interior areas, elevators, public walkways, all-day dining restaurants, leisure facilities and other public areas, interior design and lighting design are the elements that attract the attention of the guests, while the interior decoration design and lighting environment is more The main reason for housing customers.
First, the specific concept
In order to show the interior decoration design and material sense, it is very important to choose the light source of the lamp. The color rendering index (Ra) must be greater than 80. The light source used in some areas should be able to accept the stepless dimming. The public area lighting system must be intelligent. Management, the lighting requirements in the room are the same.
Traditional lighting sources can meet the basic requirements of these lighting, but the power consumption is quite high. Therefore, LED lighting has become the first choice for light source replacement. The appearance of some lamps has been changed. The installation space and mode of the lamps have changed, which has made the interior design have more space changes and even created a new indoor environment space.
So how to apply LED lighting in the hotel environment? Let's take a brief introduction to a few specific areas.
Ballroom area
In the banquet hall, in order to create a better dining environment, and with the changes of banquets, large conferences, wedding scenes, LED lights can be mixed with traditional lighting, making traditional crystal chandeliers more varied, making the colors more colorful and beautiful. Set different lighting scenes through program control, even with stage lighting effects, to hold a large dinner event.
In the bathroom lighting, all can use LED lamps to replace the traditional lighting fixtures, such as LED MR16 series lamp cups or LED embedded spotlights, can meet the functional lighting of the space, and can also be used with LED strips Or LED soft strips for indirect lighting and decorative lighting.
In the lighting requirements of small spaces, the energy-saving advantages of LEDs can be more effective. For example, the traditional MR16 light source, the power of the light source varies from 20W to 50W, while the LED MR16 light source can easily replace it with 5W-7W. 80%.
2. Lobby area
In the indoor lobby area, in the space of 8-10 meters high, you can choose high-power LED embedded downlights. Its high-power LED adopts 50W COB integrated chip, color rendering index Ra>80 and color temperature select 3000K warm white color. Compared with traditional metal halide lamps or U-shaped compact energy-saving fluorescent lamps, LED downlights not only have advantages in system power consumption, but also the light output value of lamps can meet the requirements of indoor space.
Lamps in indirect lighting slots have used fluorescent tubes or cold cathode tubes in the past, requiring large installation space and even breakpoint shadows in continuous lighting effects.
Nowadays, LED strips or LED strips can be used. There is no breakpoint shadow at the junction of the lamp and the lamp, and the current color consistency of the low-power LED is very good, which will not cause color unevenness, and The power consumption per meter is less than 10W, and the smart dimming system can be adjusted to adjust the brightness.
In the artificial landscape parts of the public areas of the lobby, such as decorative pools, stairs, decorative walls, etc., LED lighting can be used in large quantities. Due to the light weight of LED and low voltage of DC, it is easy to control whether it is color change or brightness adjustment, and it also has excellent energy-saving characteristics. Compared with traditional lighting with the same effect, it can save more than 50% energy.
3. Leisure area
Indoor leisure gyms, swimming pools and outdoor landscapes, etc. Indirect lighting is mainly based on LED light strips or LED soft strips.
Indoor functional lighting can use LED embedded simple downlights, which not only can achieve uniform illumination in the room, but also save 50% power compared with traditional compact dual U fluorescent tubes.
LED embedded wall lamp and LED underground lamp have direction guiding effect. Regardless of the wall foot lighting effect or the stepped street lighting effect, the LED light source can meet the requirements in terms of brightness or energy saving, and the lamp is small in size and simple in installation. Loved by architects and interior designers.
.4 Building Facade
Floodlighting on the facade of the building can be considered to be decorated with LED point-shaped contour lights. It has changed the lighting method of using traditional high-rate floodlights to directly illuminate the wall, reducing the impact of floodlighting on the guests in the room.
The LED outline light can also be used as a decorative light for the exterior wall of the building, and the geometrical figures or Chinese and English characters can be controlled through a computer program.
High-power LED floodlights can provide floodlighting effects or key floodlights for building structures on the top of buildings, some large-area walls, etc., allowing the building itself to have more varied floodlighting scenes. It can become a landmark building of the city, attracting more travelers.
5. Public areas and rooms
LED lighting can also be used in public areas, walkways and in-room lighting. LED lights or LED flexible strips can be used for indirect lighting in all spaces. The key lighting can use the LED embedded spotlight, and the light effect produced by the LED with its own optical lens has more focused lighting effects than the traditional light source.
In the guest room, for example, the reading light on the bedside can use LED spotlights, and even with the interior design, a special shape reading light can be adjusted at the same time.
The LED flexible strip can be installed under the bedside table as a night light. The battery is very small. You can also choose different color temperature or color to create a romantic, warm and casual atmosphere.
In the bathroom space, the traditional incandescent light source is used in the front of the vanity mirror, and the LED strip or LED soft strip can be installed under the sink; the embedded downlight and indirect lighting at the top of the ceiling can be used with LED lamps. Accept the intelligent control system to adjust the brightness and set the scene control.
Whether it is a passage in the room or a walkway in the public area, LED recessed wall light can be installed at the foot of the wall. This luminaire only provides illumination on the ground, maintaining the basic functional lighting requirements of the walkway, and at the hotel late night management mode, wall foot wall light It can be used as auxiliary lighting to save energy and maintain basic lighting.
Second, the project summary
With the rapid development of lighting technology, LED lighting has gradually begun to eliminate traditional power lighting, from color rendering index, luminous efficiency, optics, heat dissipation, electronic circuits to lighting mechanisms, etc., have taken a big step forward, LED lighting can be Applied in the hotel space. I hope that this article will let hotel owners, interior designers or lighting designers know about LED lighting.
It is believed that there will be higher-brightness LEDs in the lighting market this year, and more and more professional lighting manufacturers will develop lighting equipment that can meet the needs of users. Let us work together to contribute to green lighting, energy conservation and emission reduction.
Third, project analysis
Hotel lighting is actually quite complicated, combining optical, industrial, artistic, electronic control and other technologies to create a different lighting environment, while using intelligent scene control, giving appropriate brightness and opening and closing environment at different times to achieve energy saving. Claim.
The outdoor floodlighting of the hotel building is decorative in nature and must conform to the value positioning of the hotel itself. The high-grade star hotel should design the main idea with simple lighting, and can not use the gorgeous lighting effect. From the floodlights of the hotel's exterior to the indoor public areas and the lighting of the rooms, the taste of the superior hotel should be displayed to impress the guests and become a local landmark.

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