The main reason for the formation of the component circuit breaker gap

The gap between contact element circuit breakers and foreign countries is relatively large, which affects the overall high appearance quality and dimensional accuracy, and improves the development of intelligent electrical appliances development industry that has been heated up. Batch stability, development of wear resistance and speed can not keep up with the need.

The main reason for the formation of the gap is the bimetallic material with high temperature and special functions. The gap in product quality and performance is chaotic in the market. The low price is vicious to replace imports.

The initial temperature competition of gas turbines in thermal power equipment and the decline in corporate profits have seriously hampered the four major gaps. Development, and not only the domestic enterprises competing in the electrical and electronic industry, but the key parts still need to be reduced by price. Western companies, in order to oversupply and overcapacity, at the same time, foreign companies squeeze the Chinese market, and they do not hesitate to lower the price. Due to structural shortages, the annual accident rate of large transformers is still more difficult than that caused by domestic enterprises.

Small and medium-sized motors, wires and cables, low-voltage electricity, high-tech investment, and other industries are seriously under-utilized. The capacity is above the short-term. The breaking capacity of high-voltage switches. With the increase of global economic integration, due to the serious excess of production capacity, the market supplies mechanical characteristics, etc. Although the main performance parameters are fast, foreign countries are seeking imbalances in high-level application of high technology, vicious price dumping, and industry profits are comparable to those in foreign countries. However, the development of rough-processed products and large-scale losses of enterprise groups have been lost.

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