Three standards for semiconductor lighting industry started to be formulated

Recently, the National Key Laboratory of Joint Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Key Laboratory of Joint Innovation in Semiconductor Lighting, as the lead unit responsible for organizing the preparation of the semiconductor lighting specification interface, was held in Beijing. They are respectively "LED lighting application interface requirements: control device separation type, street lamp with self-contained cooling LED module", "LED lighting product accelerated attenuation test method (2000 hours)", "LED public lighting intelligent system interface application layer communication protocol" .

Li Jinxi, director of the State Key Laboratory of Semiconductor Lighting Joint Innovation, said that the support of the standard system is very important for the healthy development of the semiconductor lighting industry. It is hoped that more relevant units will participate in the preparation of standards and jointly develop a certain technology forward-looking. Expandable and industry-recognized national standards.

It is predicted that by 2020, the global general lighting industry sales revenue will reach 82.505 billion euros, of which LED lighting products sales revenue will reach 56.928 billion euros, accounting for 69% of the entire lighting industry.

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