Application of high-pressure water jet in industry

In the cutting and cleaning operations of hard materials, abrasive jets are widely used at present, which add abrasive particles in water, and the impact force and grinding force on the target body are much greater than the pure water jet under the same conditions. The basic principle of pulse jet generation is to store the energy provided by the power source through a certain device, transmit it to the water intermittently, and then eject through the nozzle to form a hydraulic pulse. Practice has proved that the working efficiency of these new jets is much superior to ordinary jets. The application of high-pressure water jet in industry has some advantages that other methods cannot replace: water jet assists coal mining. The installation of water jet nozzles on the ordinary coal shearer can not only improve the coal mining efficiency, extinguish the dust, but also eliminate the sparks in the high gas layer and increase the work safety. Application in the oil industry. Water jets assist oil drilling.

The drilling fluid is driven by a mud pump to form a high-speed jet from the nozzle on the drill bit, which can cool and lubricate the drill bit, carry cuttings and assist rock breaking, thereby increasing the drilling speed and reducing costs. Application in oil production engineering. Drilling ultra-short radius horizontal boreholes in the oil intervals of old wells using rotating jets can greatly increase the area of ​​oil flow and improve oil recovery. Application in the construction industry. Jet grouting technology is used to strengthen the foundation and increase its bearing capacity, which solves the key problem of construction on soft ground. other apps. Water jets can also be used for medical organ resection, superhard material processing, nuclear facility dismantlement, etc. In short, with the improvement of the theory and technology of high-pressure water jets, its scope of application will continue to expand, and it will play an increasingly important role in different industrial fields.

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