Wireless charging solution market prospect analysis

Wireless charging solution market prospect analysis

Strategy AnalyTIcs mobile phone component technology service released the latest research report "Combining the use of fast charging technology, the wireless charging market size potential will quadruple." The report pointed out that the rise of two new mobile phone technologies, "wireless charging" and "supercapacitor", will likely provide a very large market size potential for improving the mobile phone charging experience. If these two technologies are used in combination and the pricing is appropriate, by 2014, 22% of mobile phones sold will use wireless fast charging solutions. The analysis believes that the price of Palm Pre's wireless charging solution is too high, and without the use of super capacitors, the benefits for users are very small.

The combination of supercapacitors and wireless charging technology can form a high-quality solution to solve the increasingly serious battery energy gap problem that many mobile phone users are experiencing.

Stuart Robinson, Director of Strategy AnalyTIcs Mobile Phone Component Technical Services and author of this report, commented: "Strategy AnalyTIcs predicts that the price of wireless charging solutions will drop to around US $ 15 by 2014; if supercapacitors are used in combination for fast charging, Greatly enhance the user value of wireless charging. "

Stephen Entwistle, Vice President of Strategy AnalyTIcs, added: "Supercapacitors have been around for many years, but only now have been introduced into mobile phones, mainly for camera flash applications. Their ability to provide high power in a short time is ideal. Strategy Analytics believes that , This technology is maturing day by day, and it just becomes a complementary technology for wireless chargers. "

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