Measures for repairing hazards after computer poisoning

Measures for repairing hazards after computer poisoning

1. Important data must be backed up. Important data must be backed up. This is something that must be kept in mind when using a computer and is also the basis and the best way to repair virus damage.
Important data includes the system's main boot sector, BOOT sector, FAT table, root directory area, and the wisdom of the user's hard work, such as drawn drawings, compiled program codes, and entered square characters.
For the backup of system information, you can use DEBUG, PCTOOLS, NORTON and anti-virus software and other professional tools to back up the system information to a floppy disk. For file backup, you can use the method of compressing and then backing up. There are more tools available, and there is more choice.

2. Immediately turn off the power and shut down to improve the repair success rate. Because of the normal shutdown operation, Windows will do a lot of disk writing operations such as backing up the registry. Files that have just been deleted by the virus may be overwritten. Once covered, there is no possibility of repair. Whether it is overwritten depends on its physical location. In principle, two conditions must be met, that is, the physical space where the file data is located is not occupied, and the directory entries originally occupied after the file is deleted are not overwritten. If something you lost is worth recovering, then immediately turn off the power and shut down. At this time, the integrity of the operating system itself and data not saved by other applications must be placed in a secondary location.

3. Back up poisoning information to prevent accidents
? Before repairing the infected system, it must be backed up and repaired, which is safe and reliable, in case the repair fails, and the original state can be restored, and then repaired by other methods. The backup includes infected files and infected system information.

4. Repair virus hazards At present, anti-virus software has the ability to repair the damage caused by most known viruses. Whether it is a boot virus or a file virus, it can be automatically repaired by anti-virus software. But for the harm caused by some viruses, anti-virus software can not be repaired, then you can only resort to your backup. With the help of special tools, the relevant backup data is written back to achieve basic or partial repair. If you have neither backed up important data nor been repaired by anti-virus software, you can only use DEBUG, PCTOOLS, Norton UTIlity and other tools to manually repair, you can turn to anti-virus manufacturers or technical personnel.

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