Bluetooth headset bracelet worth buying nowadays - Huawei B2

Worth buying Bluetooth headset bracelet Reasons to purchase We often have such a scene in our work. When the office is busy, the cell phone rings and picks up. If there is exactly another job that needs to be done by hand, you bend your neck sideways and hold the microphone around your neck. Between the shoulder, the chin and the person on the phone, what do you feel? I practiced my neck and my heart. Uncomfortable, the important thing is that there is no B grid. It does not meet the embarrassment of what you do. In addition, from the Baidu medical point of view there are the following complications. According to Dian Niang's research, the problem of cervical spondylosis can also be induced by holding a phone in the neck. Holding the phone at the neck to answer the phone will cause the cervical spine to be in an abnormally twisted state. This is simply worse for the already tired cervical spine. And its appearance leads to a variety of cervical spondylosis, physiological curvature straightened, or physiological curvature deformity. In terms of physiological structure, the angle of human cervical scoliosis can not be too large. To hold the handset, it is a difficult operation for the neck and needs to be done harder than usual. The muscles on one side of the cervical spine are passively pulled, while the muscles on the other side are forced to contract, as is the fascia and ligaments. At this time, almost all small joints of the cervical spine are in the maximum range of motion. This scenario not only causes injuries to the neck muscles and ligaments, but also causes pressure on some blood vessels and nerves in the neck, which can easily induce cervical spondylosis. For your cervical spine and good health, we must put an end to the behavior of holding the neck to answer the phone, take the correct position to answer the phone. So, in order to solve this problem, I tried some methods. One is a cable machine. Advantages: The original factory, there is no cost, disadvantages: the management of the line is too much trouble, although I always dreamed to do so. However, when it comes to answering the phone, this is the case, and there is no solution to this shortcoming; The second is smart watches Advantages: No need to panic when answering the phone, but also solve the problem of the line; Disadvantages: They are all loud sounds. Putting it on the outside, putting it outside, and putting it out is as if nothing is naked and it must not be tolerated; give it up; Third, Bluetooth headset Advantages: Solve my needs; Disadvantages: always with sadness, not always with which pocket pocket is always not found; so always stop and use; and he can not see the call, or pull out the phone to see It's inconvenient, and finally it's abandoned. I have been tangled moments, found that Huawei's bracelet with Bluetooth headset function, suddenly mind bright, this is not my ideal product in mind, but a look at the price, the hearts immediately 10,000 horse-class animal galloped over, grab Is it money? A Bluetooth headset with a set, it is so expensive? Definitively, the richest family, a lot of similar products, summed up their own following needs are as follows: 1, Bluetooth headset basic functions, version 3.0 or more; 2. Design similar to Huawei B series wristband; 3, have a screen to display the caller number; 4, the call has vibration prompts; mobile phone and bracelet after the separation prompts; 5, if you can push the phone system messages such as WeChat, Alipay, etc. will be better; 6. Heavy use of battery life should not be less than 1 day; 7, if you take the pedometer and other functions best; So I started this product, and here I also briefly talk about it, Qian Shao want to achieve a compromise of the function. Pu color smart bracelet Bluetooth headset can call watch phone sports unisex Huawei millet oppo2298 yuan Lynx featured to buy The appearance is very beautiful, the function is also complete, support to Apple, Android is good, push can be, the price is not expensive. It's okay if you just got it. However, over time, small factory problems appeared, and I would like to say a few questions that we must use in order to find out. 1, buckle design is generally good, but the details are not enough, off the phone a bit difficult, but this is the slight difference led to the goods sometimes stuck in the card slot sometimes appear to pretend stuck, so in the end I finally this thing The destination is lost, lost, lost! 2, although the basic functions are, but there is a more important than Huawei's sensor is not in the card slot, which means that can not achieve off headphones answer function, the key is that the media sound can only come out in the headset, even if you headphones Still in the bracelet, to switch to the phone output must be manually switched, this is a very impersonal place. 3, standby general, within one day, heavy use less than a day, a little disappointed; then there is no volume, in noisy places inaudible. In summary, after the original bracelet was lost, there was no way to enter Huawei's pit. Why not choose B3 but B2? The reason is that I'm very clear about what I want and I can achieve the above functions, and B3 is not important to me compared to B2, and B3 doesn't have the phone or wristband that I want. Separate the bracelet end vibration tips. The most important thing is that B2 has been listed for quite some time, and the price of water is basically not there! Appearance Gallery Due to the fact that the product is relatively old, there are a lot of pictures on the Internet. Here I don't have much to do. I also use feelings in my text code. experience feelings The first is the advantages: 1, beyond expectations, fully satisfied my purchase needs. In addition to IOS no push information, regular functions such as step counting, incoming call reminding, sports, and sleep are readily available. 2, appearance, exquisite workmanship, in line with the level of this price product should be, obviously higher than my previous product, and comfortable to wear. 3, normal use of the call, pick, hang no anti-human design, can adapt quickly. In particular, the switching of the audio frequency of the picking and hanging of the hand ring is particularly human, which makes it possible for people to use it without any deviation. 4, battery life is reasonable, there is absolutely no problem with heavy use one day, and because the charging speed is faster, 20 minutes, no charge anxiety. Disadvantages: 1, the price is high, the same price can buy a good Bluetooth headset, buy him always feel a kind of strange feeling; but think about their own buy the headset without losing the loss of the end, I think it is also acceptable. 2, the screen is not clear in the sun, can not see, can not see; really can not see it! I can only choose to take a look behind the screen. Really a big BUG. 3, Apple's mobile phone does not support information push function, it was once said that the IOS is not open, I can be responsible to tell, pull eggs, I have before the cottage bracelet with this feature, Huawei engineers can certainly do it. Do not do, it should be non-technical other reasons! In summary, in my acceptance scope, I think this is the next product that is worth buying. No matter if it is appearance, workmanship, or function, it is actually used. His use experience is obviously higher than ordinary Shanzhai products, and due to the long time to market, the price The water content is low, but for the new product B3, the function is not obviously missing, so obviously this is a good choice. In general, this is a very suitable person who wants to pretend to install something but does not want to spend more on cost-effective pursuit. !

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