Will not choose a home projector? After reading this article you are half an expert

With the development of technology, digital products are becoming more and more popular. Many people have begun to use projectors instead of televisions in order to pursue a better visual experience. However, in this era of digital products and digital products are changing rapidly, how to choose a projector that is suitable for themselves and has good performance has become an annoyance for many people. Then the author will briefly explain how to choose a projector that is suitable for you! First, we have to look at the true resolution of the projector, the resolution of its LCD panel. The projector divides the liquid crystals on the LCD panel through a grid, and one liquid crystal is a pixel. We usually use physical resolution such as true resolution to evaluate the value of the LCD projector. The higher the real resolution, the better the visual experience the projector gives us. Second, we should pay attention to the brightness of the projector. For projectors, of course, the higher the brightness, the better. In the purchase test, we can divide the screen into 9 rectangular areas of 3×3 with equal area. Measure the illuminance of the center points of 9 rectangular areas with a light meter, multiply the area of ​​each rectangular area and average them. In this way we can get the specific brightness of the projector. For the projector we have to say there is evenness and color, the uniformity is the ratio of the brightness of the middle of the screen and the surrounding brightness. The brightness of the image projected by the projector on the screen is not completely uniform. In some areas, the brightness is higher, and in some places, the brightness is lower. Of course, the more uniform the brightness distribution of the projector is, the better. As for color, almost all projectors now support 24-bit true color. After selecting the performance of the projector, we have to look at whether the operation design of the projector is user-friendly. Many people are reluctant to operate the projector after purchasing the projector. When we purchase the projector, we should pay attention to whether the product has a simple and easy-to-use operation page so that we can use it with ease. After knowing these few tips for selecting projectors, the following writer will take you to understand a projector with a better price/performance ratio in the market. Let's find out how it gets the favor of many people and let us know that What kind of projector is our best choice. God painting (PIQS) Dawei projector Jingdong Price ¥3799.00 (Click for details) The projector, the body with a square design, the lens at the use of round mosaic, plus the cortical cover, the whole simple and generous. And it's smaller, lighter and more convenient. Its bracket adopts automatic trapezoidal correction design, and debugging is very quick before watching. Not only that, it also uses dual-channel silent heat dissipation design, so that not only can automatically adjust the wind speed when cooling, but also in the cooling process, there is a good mute effect, will not affect the sound of the projector. It also has a variety of interface designs that make it easier to connect with other devices. The projector can project a large 76-inch screen at a distance of 2 meters to create a large-screen visual experience for the cinema. It also has a high brightness of 1,100 lumens. The curtains can be opened during the day or switched on at night to make the picture clear. Plus, it uses multi-color processing and correction techniques to make the picture more natural and realistic. Not only that, it also uses a dual independent sound chamber system, a variety of sound selection mode design, to maximize the simulation of the sound of the theater, giving us a very good listening experience in our viewing. Its control is also very convenient, its remote control can easily drag, slide, click on the screen, no longer need to press up and down left and right, and the remote control comes with gravity sensing, in order to facilitate our operation and control at the same time, It's also a nice gamepad. In conjunction with the PIQS UI 3.0 responsive icon operation and voice input function designed for large screens, we can achieve the same quick and easy operation as a tablet and a mobile phone. The projector is equipped with 2G running memory, equipped with 16G storage, and 2.4G+5G dual-band wifi. No matter whether it is watching movies or playing games, there is no need to wait and worry about Caton. And, it built CIBN and Youku dual genuine video resources, nearly a million high-definition movie theaters, television dramas, variety shows, let us enjoy non-stop. God painting (PIQS) Dawei projector Jingdong price ¥3999.00 (Click for details) It also uses an active shutter 3D effect design. If you are not satisfied with the ordinary 2D visual experience, then you just need to choose the 3D glasses equipped with the projector, you can build your own home into its own 3D private cinema, feel It gives you a realistic three-dimensional effect and shocking effects. When choosing a projector, we must select high-definition projectors that are bright, rich in system resources, and user-friendly. With such a projector, we can not only build our own home theater, no longer need to go to the cinema to wait in line; also can play games with little partners in leisure time, enjoy happy hours. 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