What about smart TV? Smart TV three big insider exposure

Nowadays, many families will put Smart TVs in the first place when they buy TVs, but we don't know much about smart TVs. What do we think of smart TVs? Is it better to use a smart TV or a TV with a set-top box? Xiao Bian this time specifically visited the industry veteran, finishing the following three points we do not know the smart TV insider: 1. Smart TV is difficult to upgrade The estimated time for home users to purchase a smart TV with a few thousand dollars is generally about 5-8 years. We all know that Android phones will generally operate after being used for one to two years. The operation and operation are very cardy. Many smart TVs have built-in Android. Even if the time of purchase is high, it will be eliminated in two or three years. The performance cannot be used normally. If you want to upgrade your smart TV, you cannot do it unless you upgrade it. 2. More smart TV advertising Watching videos with advertising has become a matter of course. Whether it is a mobile phone, computer or other device, there will be many advertisements interspersed as long as they are watched through a video app. Smart TVs not only watch videos with advertisements, but also turn on, turn off, and standby. The appearance of various kinds of advertisements has a great impact on the use of the experience. In contrast, on the television box, there have been ad-free set-top boxes that are much better for use. 3. Smart TV operation complexity The longest time after TVs are bought home is the elderly, children, and women who have the most time at home. Such groups have relatively low ability to accept smart devices, but smart TVs on the market today are not only the system interface, operation, and remote control. The design of the devices is very complicated and there is no corresponding optimization for such people. It is very difficult for home users to get started. Everybody must consider before buying the television clearly, in fact purchases an ordinary TV to match the set-top box not only the price is more affordable, and afterwards upgrade also is more convenient! Here are three recommended hot-selling set-top boxes for everyone: 1. Tate box (Click for details) Taijie itself is a video software source and has a lot of experience in video optimization. After seven years of research, it has achieved great results and has its own six core technologies that can effectively alleviate Caton. The brand is more fluid and stable. For the main group of TV users - home users, Taijie has also done a lot of system optimization, not only to simplify the system interface, and the operating path is more concise, greatly improving the ease of operation. Taijie is a very innovative brand. Now it is not only the main advertising-free, but also a new set-top box with a camera, not only can be used as a set-top box, but also monitoring, video chat with family, the camera, audio, set-top box are Focused on a product, the function is very powerful. 2. Open Bor Box (Click for details) The open Bor X5 process is more sophisticated, compared with the F4 has a major upgrade is that the front panel adds a led display, you can display the system time in the boot state. If you can display the status of local or online video playback, I believe that you can improve the overall level of the X5 machine. 3. Skyworth Box (Click for details) Skyworth A1 PLUS is designed to follow the “more TV-reading” philosophy. Therefore, in addition to HDMI 1.4a, the output interface is also equipped with an AV output interface that is compatible with new and old TVs. In addition, a USB 2.0 and 10/100M cable network The interface is sufficient to meet the family's daily use needs. Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.

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