What's ETL certificate for heat mat?

We are a heat mat,heat pad ,heat film manufacturer,we have CE,Rohs,UL,CB,PSE certificate,and we will do ETL certificate for our reptile heat mat. So What's ETL certificate for reptile heat mat? The Electrical Testing Laboratories mark, ETL, originated with Intertek, a global company that inspects and certifies products to ensure they meet standard safety requirements. Mechanical and electrical products that bear the ETL mark meet set minimum safety requirements. The ETL mark also indicates that the manufacturing company follows a set of compliance measures that include regular inspection processes to verify continued safety measures. International Acceptance Many companies across Canada and the United States accept the ETL standards. An ETL mark that displays [us" on the bottom right of the logo indicates the compliance measure is applicable in the U.S. Similarly, a [c" on the bottom left of the ETL logo means that the standard is applicable in Canada. Other countries use the ETL certification marks for safety standards. For example, the ETL [GS" serves as safety and quality recognition for Germany and EU countries, and the "NOM-GTL" mark indicates that the product meets safety requirement for export into Mexico. Comparison to UL The ETL and UL marks hold the same minimum requirements for product safety commonly outlined by OSHA and ANSI. When a product receives an ETL or UL certification, the manufacturer agrees to periodic inspection sessions to verify continued conformance to safety requirements. The only point of distinction between these marks may be the customer service that the laboratories offer. Intertek claims that it helps customers [improve performance, gain efficiencies in manufacturing and logistics, overcome market constraints and reduce risk."

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