The future of the electronics industry: from individuals to families

The competition in the personal consumer electronics industry market has become increasingly fierce. In 2009, there were thousands of mobile phone manufacturers in China, and only about 10% of them have survived. Most of the remaining manufacturers are also suppressed by major brands such as Apple and Samsung Only "gross profit". With consumer products almost saturated, where is the next blue ocean? Where can I find new market opportunities? The author believes that smart home is a new opportunity for the intelligent upgrading of China's electronics industry, and it will spawn an industry chain that is more than ten times that of consumer electronics, or it will become a way out for China's consumer electronics industry in the future.

On the one hand, with the popularization of high-speed Internet connection, the trend of shifting outdoor or office work to the home is obvious. Many European and American companies support employees to work at home in order to save costs and become a SOHO family; on the other hand, home application services are closely related to local culture Relevant, so Chinese manufacturers are more familiar with local consumer groups, occupying the advantages of time and location, and making it easier to launch products or solutions that meet the needs of home users in a timely manner.

Digital home and smart home are the most frequently used nouns in terms of home intelligence, with entertainment and control as the main functional services. In fact, after the Internet of Things covers all aspects of the family, the extended "smart home" concept came into being, including multi-screen interactive entertainment, home control, smart home appliances, smart medical care, remote education, community management, smart fitness, etc. , Intelligent security, energy control, etc. Not only includes family-centric services, but also linked system services that connect with communities, hospitals, schools, and fitness clubs, where families appear as a unit in the system.

The development of intelligence has got rid of the innovation model relying on hardware, and the key to truly promoting the industry is the combination of software and hardware services, because hardware development is no longer a problem (or hardware redundancy). The chip size and price of high processing power are no longer unattainable. People with touch human-computer interaction and high-definition display have become accustomed to it. At the same time, 4G mobile communication rate can basically meet all the data interaction in daily life. At this time, the most active is the Internet, especially companies with advantages in content and user groups in various fields will have more business opportunities, including BTA (Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba) occupying the consumer field, and HKUST in the field of speech recognition. Flying, Qihoo 360, which occupies anti-virus software, Gaode in the field of map navigation, etc.

The types and functions of home devices are different, and the definition of hardware products should be combined with mainstream services. According to the content of services, they can be divided into energy, life, learning, entertainment, safety care, and health care. Taking entertainment as an example, the services that can be provided include data statistics based on family members watching videos, playing games, and music, so as to provide personalized push services; watching videos or directly purchasing the character wear and clothing services seen during the communication with netizens ; Karaoke singing, game skills training platform services, etc. The combination of these hardware and software business models is either dominated by hardware manufacturers that occupy the mainstream market or service application developers with a large number of users.

Smart homes do not have a unified development operating system platform like consumer products, and excellent applications cannot appear on hundreds of thousands of terminals overnight. The smart home is still in its infancy, and most terminal interfaces are not open (even if they are open, there are developers who do not recognize the hardware). Generally, device manufacturers develop their own applications and services for the company ’s products. Sales are limited, and "heroes (applications)" are still useless. Therefore, the development of home intelligence also needs to lay a good foundation on a unified interface and openness.

The smart home industry integrates multiple fields such as hardware upgrades, software applications, and operational services, and breaks through the boundaries of traditional hardware and software. Manufacturers need to cooperate with various enterprises in the industrial chain to conduct cross-border cooperation. For example, in the first "China Smart Home Summit Forum" held in Shenzhen on November 19 this year, we can see the figures of electronic equipment manufacturers Huawei, Konka, Sannuo, and Kedao, as well as Internet companies LeTV, Xiaomi, Xiaocong Network, etc. Companies are also actively signing up to discuss the new opportunities brought by the smart home industry.

The forum is held at the same time as the annual high-tech fair in Shenzhen, which will effectively promote the healthy and rapid development of the Chinese home intelligent industry, promote cooperation between enterprises, and provide directions for the electronics manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta region to formulate future development strategies. It is understood that the forum will invite the executives of leading companies in the industry to focus on the technology development trend, user experience and market demand of the smart home industry to discuss the future needs and market opportunities of the smart home industry. See the event details.

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