Sunshine Lighting won the bid for the 2028 million foreign aid project

On the evening of December 11 , “G20-LED Summit member company” Sunshine Lighting (600261) issued an announcement. On the 11th, the company received the notice of winning the bid from the Central Government Organs Government Procurement Center, and the National Development and Reform Commission responded to the climate change foreign materials gift project— - In the Dominican solar LED street light sub-project, the company was confirmed to have won the bid, and the winning bid amount was 20,283,238 yuan.

Sunshine Lighting said that the company will promptly handle the signing of government procurement contracts with the National Development and Reform Commission's Department of Climate Change in accordance with the requirements of the bid-winning notice.

According to the previous announcement, the winning bid accounted for 0.77% of the 2012 operating income.

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