Cisco and NetApp rush to launch data center infrastructure solutions

In order to expand and extend its infrastructure solution series, Cisco and NetApp announced the launch of the pre-packaged and tested solution ExpressPod to help small and medium-sized enterprises to accelerate business expansion. In addition, the FlexPod data center platform has added new storage cluster functions and published The VMware FlexPod solution can be verified by supporting Oracle Real ApplicaTIon Cluster (RAC) key application systems.

For small and medium-sized enterprises that have just begun to virtualize their network, storage and computing environments, ExpressPod is a pre-packaged and tested solution portfolio product that can help companies operate flexibly and successfully expand operations. Through the integration and supply of common channel partners, ExpressPod integrates Cisco UCS® C-Series, NetApp FAS2220 or FAS2240 storage devices, and Cisco Nexus 3048 switches (with infrastructure management capabilities) into a set of affordable, easy Infrastructure solutions deployed. ExpressPod supports an open management ecosystem and Hypervisor solutions.

To meet the needs of large enterprise data centers, FlexPod can currently support and verify VMware vSphere on NetApp Data ONTAP 8 with Cluster-Mode. Now companies can add nodes to their storage clusters to create large storage pools that span storage devices, allowing companies to expand their space almost indefinitely, thereby improving management performance. The resources of the storage pool can also be shared by multiple users through dynamic configuration and security isolation. NetApp's storage cluster function can smoothly transfer the data of hundreds of virtual machines without interrupting the running applications, complete load balancing, system maintenance and equipment upgrades.

In addition, for companies that use VMware vSphere and vCenter to virtualize Oracle RAC databases, Cisco and NetApp provide proven design support, including references for best deployment practices. The FlexPod solution provides secure multi-user sharing, application and data mobility, integrated data protection, and automated resource allocation by supporting verification of Oracle (RAC) critical application systems. These features provide enterprises with pre-validated virtualized production solutions to manage more databases in less time and space.

FlexPod entered its second anniversary in November this year. Now more than 1,300 enterprise organizations in 35 countries / regions have accelerated the migration to the cloud environment through FlexPod, and more and more customers are evaluating the innovative advantages of storage cluster management, including the provision of comprehensive IgniTIon CreaTIve, a multimedia entertainment marketing company. Founded in 2003, IgniTIon produces trailers, billboards, posters, TV commercials, and online and print ads for popular Hollywood movies, TV shows, and video games. Ignition is currently using FlexPod to integrate operations on a single platform.

Rich Oldfield, Chief Technology Officer of Ignition Creative, said: "In the past, our agents had to manage and maintain three different data center infrastructures. Now we are working with Cisco and NetApp to integrate the infrastructure into the FlexPod data center platform, greatly simplifying Various operations. After deploying FlexPod, we are confident that we can grow smoothly with demand and expand our infrastructure indefinitely without interrupting operations. "

The key to success for customers who use FlexPod and ExpressPod is that we have more than 660 certified FlexPod partners. In Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, there are 33 quality partners who can help customers faster and more Deploy infrastructure easily. In addition to various sales and marketing resources designed to help partners expand their business and accelerate customer success, Cisco and NetApp have also set up "Planning, Design, and Implementation Support Service Centers" for partners to work with NetApp and Cisco. Work together to solve practical challenges encountered.

For partners who want to deploy ExpressPod, Cisco and NetApp will provide support and support kits to help them serve as important consultation targets for medium-sized enterprise customers. Cisco and NetApp provide clear deployment guidelines and training, coupled with industry-leading resources for support, marketing, and demand creation, to provide partners with the necessary tools to help establish successful infrastructure solution practices and promote them globally IT departments everywhere. From November 2012, partners will be able to obtain ExpressPod implementation guide.

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