Cross-strait common standard LED enterprises benefit

Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Mr. Guo Guohua, attended the 8th Cross-Strait Information Industry and Technology Standards Forum in the morning. The most important breakthrough in this time was the formulation of standards for LED lighting, flat panel displays and photovoltaic cells. The common standards across the Taiwan Strait will not enter the two markets. Providing standard basis, and signing a common standard cooperation memorandum for three industries in the morning, LED industry is expected to successfully enter the mainland street lighting and lighting application market by common standards, including upstream crystal, round, new century, downstream Yiguang, Huaxing, etc. have stepped up the layout of the mainland lighting market.

In the morning, Mr. Guo Guohua gave a special speech at the forum. He said that the two sides have started dialogues and exchanges in the past seven forums, and also piloted various industries, and completed a number of industrial terms and test methods. The breakthrough is from the development of the formulation to the formulation of common technical standards, and will establish common standards on LED lighting, photovoltaic cells and flat panel displays. In the morning, the company will promote the chairman of the foundation, Chen Ruilong, and the China Electronics Industry Standards and Technology Association. Chairman Hu Yan signed a memorandum of cooperation on common standards for LED lighting, solar photovoltaic and flat display.

The LED lighting common standard cooperation memorandum includes cooperation between components and system test standards, lighting performance standards and application product standardization. The industry is also happy to establish common standards across the strait, plus energy conservation and emission reduction is the mainland's 12th Five-Year Plan. Important projects, Taiwanese factories are aware of the potential of the mainland LED lighting market to take off, and believe that the development of common standards will bring greater convenience to the mainland market, especially the street lighting market and lighting application market.

LED lighting has replaced backlighting to become the biggest kinetic energy of LED industry growth. It is obvious that the mainland 12th Five-Year Plan will drive the development of LED lighting, and the Taiwan factory will also accelerate its layout in the mainland. The epitaxial plant's leading crystal power plants set up factories in Changzhou, Xiamen and Guangdong respectively. And cooperate with land-based enterprises to ensure access to the mainland market, the new century and the mainland Putian Group successfully entered the mainland market, Huaxing is also actively seeking cooperation with mainland enterprises, Taiwanese factories hope to grab the lighting market before taking off First opportunity.

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