Guangdong LED Light Source Standardization Technical Committee was officially established

[High-tech LED News] Recently, the Guangdong Provincial LED Light Source Standardization Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) jointly established by the Municipal Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Provincial Standardization Research Institute was officially announced in Dongguan. The committee will focus on the research of LED lighting products related standards and testing methods, and develop local standards for the LED light source industry in Guangdong.

It is understood that the committee hired a famous physicist, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one of the founders of the semiconductor light source industry, Gan Zikai as the chairman, Professor Wang Gang, chairman of the Guangdong LED Industry Association of Industry, Education and Research, as deputy director, Philips, Osram, NVC Technical experts such as lighting and other leading domestic and foreign enterprises are members.

At present, the committee has built a provincial LED standardization technology system. According to this system, LED light source product standards are divided into four categories: LED light source product standards, LED display standards, LED device standards, and other LED product standards. Among them, the drafting of the local standards of "Solar Street Lights" will be placed in the first place. The committee hopes that enterprises can refer to this system and participate in the construction of product standards in various fields according to their actual conditions.

The local standard of "Solar Street Light" has been established and completed the data accumulation in the previous period. Enterprises such as Qinshang Optoelectronics and Wuxing Solar have participated in the formulation of this landmark. The committee hopes to explore some aspects of solar power generation and LED lighting and form a standard system. Consolidate the position of Guangdong and Dongguan enterprises in the national LED solar street lamp industry.

The committee will also make extensive publicity on LED international, national, and industry standards in the enterprise, and organize the collection and analysis of international standards or the development of foreign advanced standards, so that the province's LED industry to achieve low-cost sharing of public resources. At the same time, the committee will undertake the work of evaluation of product quality standards such as LED street lamp energy-saving certification and semiconductor lighting application engineering product testing.

In addition, the National Semiconductor Light Source Product Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong), which was established by the Municipal Quality Inspection Center, will be completed and put into use. The inspection center will provide inspections in the fields of semiconductor lighting, LED lighting, LED displays, etc. It is expected that enterprises will be in June and July this year. It can be tested here.

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