Unforgettable girl feelings Hoomia MrJ U1 Jay Chou limited edition headphones

When it comes to Chinese pop music, Jay Chou must be a topic that can't be circumvented. Since he debuted in 2000, Jay Chou has brought us twelve albums. The Chinese style and Zhou Rap have already become a symbolic style. Stick, "The Orc", "Chrysanthemum Taiwan"... Even if you can't sing, you can always sing a sentence or two to the song of Jay Chou. Taiwanese headset brand Hoomia (Haomia) took a fancy to the star effect of Jay Chou, and cross-border cooperation with Jay Chou's studio, launched Jay Chou limited edition headset MrJ U1, which is added to the headset New changes?
Stars and headphones cross-border cooperation is not new, Beats is based on the stars with LadyGaga, Kobe, Justin Bieber and other stars to imprint their own brand of headphones, Hoomia and Jay Chou cooperation is also the reason. Taiwanese brand Hoomia may be very strange. In fact, it is a very successful local earphone brand in Taiwan. The personalized appearance and the price of the people are popular among young users in Taiwan, but it was only last year that Hoomia entered the mainland market.
Hoomia MrJ U1 first gave the impression that the plastic is too strong, the earphone cover is only a general acrylic plastic, and the surface has no special paint. However, Jay's pattern on the earphone cover and MrJ add a lot of color to the headphones. Wearing such a headset is highly recognizable, and you can recognize the fans of Hoomia MrJ U1 who are wearing fans in the sea.
The white color of the earphones is very small in Taiwan. The white sponge wrapped head beam is very light. If you wear it in summer, it will not feel stuffy. The body weight of 220 grams is not obvious on the head.
The shaft is also a plastic part. The one-way shaft can only be folded 180 degrees into the head beam. After the headphone is folded, the volume is reduced by half. It is convenient to carry with the storage bag that is supplied with the hoomia logo.
The telescopic arm consists of two wires, and the upper and lower sliding damping is moderate, which can be adjusted according to personal preference. The exposed earphone cord has a nylon wrap and the tensile and flexural properties are enhanced.
The earphone is a single-sided cable. The white headphone cable is thicker than the general headphone cable. The cable in the middle of the earphone cable supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Press the button on the remote control to talk, two times and three times. Corresponding to the next song and the previous song, the call and the song are both correct, but the line control can only talk and tentative music on the Android phone, and the song-cutting operation cannot be recognized.
After the transformation, Jay Chou has a big show of eight abs in the "12 New Works" album, but this earphone cuts out the strong girl's feelings. If you don't believe, please look at the pattern on the earphone shell - the left is the conclusion of the gentleman rose silhouette On the right side, the artistic font of tenderness and water is engraved, so that the dreamy "killing death" setting will attract the attention of many young girls in the flower season.
The sponge pad inside the earphone cover is still thick, but the white wrapping on the surface is not very beautiful, and it is comfortable to wear.
Finally, talking about the sound quality, we generally do not have high expectations for the headphone sound with the appearance and shape as the gimmick. The Hoomia MrJ U1 bass effect is more colorful, the layering is weaker, the resolution is also general, and this headset is not difficult to push, the mobile phone Or the tablet can be easily pushed.
The appearance of Hoomia MrJ U1 gives a refreshing feeling. The way to cooperate with Jay Chou is a good attempt. The lightweight body and white shape are very eye-catching. The girl's feelings under the silhouette of Jay are impressive.

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