Why is the Win 10 AR/VR computer configuration requirement so low?

In a recent Microsoft Windows 10 beta, a compatibility test application revealed Microsoft's minimum configuration requirements for Windows Holographic. Windows Holographic is an AR/VR application platform, and Microsoft has joined several PC manufacturers to launch affordable VR helmets.

The information originally discovered by The Verge from "Windows Holographic First Run" shows that Windows has very low minimum configuration requirements for AR/VR computers. Of course, this is compared to the current mainstream VR helmet configuration requirements for the PC.

Windows Holographic compatibility results:


USB: USB 3.0

Need enough hard disk idle space

Graphics card: support DirectX 12

CPU: 4 core

From the above requirements alone, some of the 2009 AMD Athlon II series, as well as the 2010 NVIDIA GT 400 series can be up to standard. This means that all kinds of old computers, even low-end notebooks, can be driven.

In contrast, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift two mainstream VR helmets, the configuration requirements of the PC are not low. Their minimum configuration requirements at the time of initial launch were the Intel Core i5 4590 and the NVIDIA GTX 970/AMD 290. Of course, after Oculus updated the ASW technology, the configuration requirements were reduced to the i3 6100 CPU and the GTX 960 GPU. Even so, Microsoft's configuration requirements are still much lower.

However, according to the Microsoft Compatibility Project, such performance will be enough to "play the most (Windows Holographic) experience."

Considering that Vive and Rift have had a bit of a discount when running on a minimally configured PC, Microsoft's minimum configuration is likely to fail to run most of the two big-headed games.

However, Microsoft does not particularly emphasize the game experience in various related publicity, but there are many 3D applications, similar to those on HoloLens. The configuration of HoloLens is not high, its processor is Intel Atom x5-Z8100 (1.04 GHz, 14nm, 4 core, 64 bit), GPU/HPU is Holographic Processing Unit (28nm, 24*Tensilica DSP, 8MB SRAM, 1GB) DDR3 RAM), the memory is only 2GB.

Therefore, the minimum configuration PC required by Windows Holographic should only experience the AR/VR experience similar to HoloLens. If you want to play large VR games, higher configuration is inevitable.

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