CCTV: vr box enters the cottage mode in advance, the work is very rough

Vr virtual reality can be said to be the hottest keyword in this year's technology circle. Many manufacturers have started to launch or sell high-end or civilian vr equipment. At the same time, various vr helmets and boxes are flooding the market, but the quality gap is for consumers. Feeling a headache.

In this regard, CCTV News Channel recently commented in a column: "The virtual vr has changed its taste, and the vr box entered the cottage mode in advance."

CCTV pointed out that the vr mobile phone box has begun to flood. Vr mobile phone box due to low technical threshold, low cost, for a time, the original mobile phone, mobile power, watch, and tablet have come, have opened the vr front. Since the second half of 2015, vr mobile phone boxes have entered the fast market.

The low-end mobile phone boxes produced by these manufacturers are very homogenized, and the workmanship is very rough. They do not meet the vr hardware technical standards, let alone the immersive experience.

Many users have a strong nausea and dizziness when they use it. A bad experience does not bring the need for repeated purchases, but a lot of e-waste. Poor products have seriously affected the development of the vr industry, and it is difficult for consumers to experience the real vr.

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