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[IT168 evaluation] beard is a man's logo, some people look full of beard-looking men, and some people need to look very embarrassing, so shave before going out every day to become a man must do homework, just like Girls can not go out without makeup, keep it clean and have YOUNG, which is also a manifestation of men's pursuit of temperament.

Just like the following figure, Leonardo and Brad Pitt, no matter if they are musts or white flour, they all have a taste. Men are men.

Yes, if this is the case...

Been gone for many years, to embrace + kiss, you are willing?

In the year of Sao, I advise you to repair the messy lawn on your face first!

In this era of looking at value, not for women, men are the same, shave, cleansing before going out every day, will definitely make you look younger, clean, whether in front of his girlfriend, or in front of customers, absolutely Becker has a face, but in terms of shaving, it is not just scratching. If a worker wants to do good, he must first sharpen his tools. Having a handy shaving tool is certainly more effective than a man’s watch. Shaving tools also show men's tastes.

Shavers are inseparable from the shaver. Commonly there are electric and blade points. It is mainly for beards that are not very long and need to be used daily. If your beard is like this:

No matter if it is electric or blade, it's not easy to clean it up... What you need is:

So, the question is, electric and blade, what to choose?

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Electric razors are convenient and safe, such as business trips, can be used anywhere, anytime, or when the face is not so smooth, electric razors are more advantageous; and the blade razors must first ensure that your face is clean, so as not to shave In the process, the skin is scratched, and secondly, a beard softening cream is applied. The shaving process is relatively complicated. If the shaving is performed during the bathing, the bathing time will be prolonged. So now many men will choose electric razors as their daily necessities.

Like the famous watches, the razor is also a symbol of successful men and a pursuit of quality life. Specific to electric razors, not only should have a better experience, in terms of appearance, in terms of portability, charging time, in daily care should fully reflect its individuality, convenience, and in a superior brand value Additional aspects. For example, a Braun 3 Series electric razor that I experienced recently may just be the one you are looking for.

â–² Braun 300s electric shaver

Said electric razors, everyone familiar with Braun, Philips and Panasonic, etc., and Braun has always been known for high-end, taste, and there are no shortage of thousands of high-end electric shave products. This Braun 3 Series electric razor is outstanding value for money, the main consumer of young consumers, but in terms of appearance and workmanship materials, this razor still uses piano paint, carbon fiber and other high-quality materials, and the human body Engineering design, grip control is also more comfortable.

Let's talk about buying. If you miss it, you will regret it!

The instructional price of this Braun electric shaver is 999 yuan. At the Twelfth Shopping Festival at Tmall's Braun flagship store, the promotion is adjusted to 299 yuan. That's right. Now that it hasn't recovered to the daily price, the address is On, quickly buy!

▲Tmall Braun electric shaver flagship store【】

Braun Electric Shaver 300s Features


The Braun electric shaver we experienced is a 3 series product. The red body, the cutter head is a three-knife free-floating blade, and the shaving method is reciprocating. The body material is a combination of piano paint, carbon fiber, rubber, etc. It is not only stylish but also very comfortable to hold.

The body has a certain degree of curvature, the thumb can be easily pressed to the power switch, when the power is turned on, there is a green LED power indicator light below, the bottom is the BRAUN word mark.

The place where the fingers are held on the side is a matte material, which makes it more stable. The combination of piano lacquer makes this Braun reveal its temperament.

The charging port is at the bottom, and it is also relatively tight after connection. What's worth mentioning is that the charging time of this razor is very fast. Even if it is found in the morning and there is no electricity, only a few minutes, the time for brushing your teeth, the battery power Sufficient for emergency use.


The Braun 300S uses a reciprocating shave design. The German import of the floating 3 cutter head allows the shaving experience to be easy and clean. Each cutter head is independent and floats. It is close to the skin, free and flexible, and has different lengths for the beard. With uneven features, this razor can easily handle and give you a clean and refreshing face.

In addition to sharpness, this Braun 3 Series electric razor also supports full-body washing. After a few days of use, the knife net will collect a lot of beards. If you just use a brush to take care of it, it will certainly be difficult to clean. Or friends of obsessive-compulsive disorder, they certainly want to be as clean as new. If you feel that you need to clean it up, wash it under the faucet!

In addition, it is the charging, the morning always feel that time is too late to sleep, but the beard can not shave, half of the shave suddenly no electricity, and can not always go out like this? So this razor does not have to worry about, it only takes 5 minutes, brush your teeth to wash your face, the amount of charge is enough for you to use, of course, to be full of electricity, this electric shaver is also fast, an hour You can resurrect yourself, and you don't have to use a charger for three or two days on business trips.


For the bearded Xiao Bian, it's always too lazy to take care of it on weekdays, so that the beards are like an uncle and it's a bit difficult to quickly clean it. But fortunately, this Braun electric shaver is still very powerful. What exactly is the effect? ​​Or look at the video.

Experience summary:

As the Braun razor of the well-known German brand, the launch of the 3 Series is more popular, and the design of the fuselage has become more youthful. At the current price of less than 300 yuan, it can have a German quality razor. Excellent value for money. In terms of performance characteristics, this razor supports body wash, making cleaning easier. In addition, it is fast charging, 5 minutes of charging will be able to meet the day's shaving, it is absolutely efficient and convenient. So, I recommend this Braun 3 Series electric shaver to everyone, worth buying!

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